Quarterback ranking: Who were the best QBs in the European League of Football 2021?

The European League of Football saw a lot of great quarterbacks in its inaugural season. But how do all starting quarterbacks of last year compare statistically?

November 10, 2021
Tim Hanswillemenke
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©Michael Freitag / Barcelona Dragons / Łukasz Skwiot

With eight teams competing in the inaugural season of the European League of Football, there were eight starting quarterbacks who tried their best to win it all for their team. Some of those players had more success doing that, others struggled to end offensive drives with touchdowns.

Let’s have a closer look at all eight starting quarterbacks of the 2021 season ranked after their average quarterback rating!

The Berlin Thunder were mostly led by British quarterback Calvin Stitt who played in all games expect one in the regular season. Despite a relatively high TD-INT ratio of 2.14, his quarterback rating ranks last of all eight starting quarterbacks who played in the inaugural season of the league. His completion percentage of 43.90% also ranks last among all starting quarterbacks of 2021.

Thunder’s back-up quarterback Bryan Zerbe also started one game in the regular season and was even used as a quarterback in other games as well. Overall, he completed 19 out of 46 pass attempts for 177 passing yards over the season, plus five interceptions and three touchdowns.

After Aaron Ellis was signed by the Stuttgart Surge after week three in the regular season, he performed on a relatively high level if you keep in mind that he did not have an off-season to practice with his teammates on offense. However, Ellis ended up with the seventh best passer rating of 75.45 in 2021. In addition, he threw for the fewest yards but also played in only seven games of the regular season.

In those seven games, his TD-INT ratio was the lowest in the league with 1.29. However, Ellis managed to complete more than half of his attempted passes.

Seeing Hamburg Sea Devils quarterback coming in at sixth spot may surprise a lot of fans. But the American signal-caller recorded an overall quarterback rating of 82.02. On top of that, Clark threw for 1383 passing yards and completed 59.45% of his passes which ranked fourth best in 2021. However, his TD-INT ratio of 1.50 ranked seventh among all eight starting quarterbacks.

Despite posting just the sixth best quarterback rating, Clark clearly performed better in the playoffs where he recorded the most passing yards of any quarterback with 586. On top of that, he had an average quarterback rating of 93.25 in the post-season.

The Barcelona Dragons signal-caller just posted a slightly better quarterback rating of 83.01 compared to Sea Devils quarterback Jadrian Clark. However, he threw for almost twice as many yards and had a better TD-INT ratio which stands at 1.91. Despite all those numbers, he was only able to complete 53.78% of his pass attempts which ranks sixth compared to all starting quarterbacks of 2021.

Panthers quarterback Lukas O’Connor is only one of four quarterbacks to record a higher quarterback rating than 90! With his rating of 92.24 he ranks fourth best in the league. On top of that, O’Connor threw for 2879 yards with which he led all quarterbacks in the inaugural season of the European League of Football. He also completed 60.77% of his pass attempts and posted a TD-INT ratio of 2.18.

Centurions quarterback Jan Weinreich posted the third best quarterback rating as the only starting German signal-caller in 2021. On top of his 94.76 rating, he threw for 1689 yards and recorded an impressive 3.20 TD-INT ratio which ranks second among all quarterbacks in the league. However, he completed 56.8% of all pass attempts which ranks fifth.

Championship Game winner and MVP Jakeb Sullivan comes in as the second-best quarterback of last season, according to his 105.96 quarterback rating. He threw for 2037 passing yards and completed a league-high of 66.16% of his pass attempts. His TD-INT ratio of 2.88 ranks third in the league.

The best quarterback of 2021 was Leipzig Kings signal-caller Michael Birdsong, according to his quarterback rating of 106.02. He just posted a slightly better quarterback rating than Jakeb Sullivan but has by far the best TD-INT ratio with 4.00 of all starting quarterbacks in the European League of Football. During his first season with the Kings, he threw for 1597 yards and completed 63.39% of all his pass attempts.


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