Hot Take Friday: Rhein Fire at Sea Devils will sell more tickets than the 2007 World Bowl

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February 24, 2023
Dominik Krauss
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Hot Take Friday: Rhein Fire at Sea Devils will sell more tickets than the 2007 World Bowl
The Rhein Fire at Sea Devils game will take place at Volkspark Stadion. ©Hamburg Sea Devils

Fans were ecstatic when the Hamburg Sea Devils announced the location for their Week 2 game against Rhein Fire. The matchup between the two European League of Football powerhouses will take place at the historic Volkspark Stadion in Hamburg. The last game of football that was played at the arena was the last home game of the Sea Devils back in their NFL Europe days. 16 years later, Jadrian Clark will take on his former team in front of up to 57.000 fans. But how many will it be?

Passionate fan bases and an highly interested city

Since the Sea Devils already sold over 10.000 tickets in only two weeks, expectations are high. Remember, we are still 99 days away from Week 1 kickoff, so there is a lot more hype to build up over the coming weeks. Rhein Fire is known for their crazy fans and plenty supporters are usually travelling with the team for away games. I expect a few thousand Rhein Fire supporters to make the trip to Hamburg.

The hype around the Sea Devils is only growing stronger week by week. By collaborating with other local professional sports teams of the city, the football fan base is getting bigger and bigger and almost every sports fan in Hamburg is aware of the game and talking about it. Playing at the stadium of HSV, a club which ranks 18th in number of supporters among all sports clubs in the world, certainly does not hurt either.

Have you seen this yet?

Having a city that is going crazy for sports, a great fanbase, one of the most supported soccer clubs in the world and playing a team with one of the greatest fan bases in all of Europe should go a long way. I predict the matchup to have more spectators at the stadium than World Bowl XV, the last NFL Europe game had. Topping 48.125 fans in attendance is an extremely high burden, but I believe this game will set a new standard for American Football in Europe.


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