Hamburg Sea Devils re-sign offensive line tandem including the Man of the Year 2022

With Dennis Kenzler and David Weinstock, the Hamburg Sea Devils re-sign one of the best offensive line tandems of the last two years.

February 2, 2023
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Hamburg Sea Devils re-sign offensive line tandem including the Man of the Year 2022
Dennis Kenzler - the "Man of the Year" 2022 - re-signs with the Sea Devils. © Jonas Wicker

The Hamburg Sea Devils have re-signed with starting center David Weinstock and tackle Dennis Kenzler. Weinstock, who joined the European League of Football franchise from the University of Massachusetts enters his third season as the starting center for the Sea Devils. Brett Morgan, Offensive Coordinator welcomes Weinstock to the new offense, "David is already a very good center, and he can be one of the best. I expect him to be the best center in our league, and I believe he can do that. It's up to us to make sure he holds himself to that standard and understands exactly what he needs to do now to achieve that."

"Man of the Year" - 2022 returns to Hamburg Sea Devils

The story of Dennis Kenzler might be even more remarkable. The "Man of the Year" of the past European League of Football season additionally returns to his home franchise. Last year, Kenzler had traveled to the area of the Ukraine war and had put his life on the line for a good cause. "Finding quality tackles at any level of play is a challenge, and Kenzler is an experienced player at that position. He adds to a tackle group that we believe will be deep and very capable," said Brett Morgan in the press release, who will be assisted by new offensive line coach Gustavo Casagrande.

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The offensive line for the Sea Devils, just like last year, might be one of the best units in the European League of Football, likely consisting of left tackle Gerrit Brandt, left guard Robin Fensch, center David Weinstock, right guard Lucas Levin and right tackle Dennis Kenzler.


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