Hamburg Sea Devils sign Scandinavian duo - Glen Toonga not re-signed

Running back Jakob Michaelsen and offensive lineman Lucas Lavin have been signed by the Hamburg Sea Devils, resulting in not extending Glen Toongas contract.

January 29, 2023
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Hamburg Sea Devils sign Scandinavian duo - Glen Toonga not re-signed
Lucas Lavin joins the Hamburg Sea Devils. © Chattanooga Athletics

The Hamburg Sea Devils have secured the services of Danish running back Jakob Michaelsen and Swedish offensive lineman Lucas Lavin. Lavin joins the Hanseatic team immediately after graduating from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Michaelsen previously played for the Aalborg 89ers in Denmark.

Tall and athletic football player

Brett Morgan, offensive coordinator of the Sea Devils, is conviced of Lavins talent and skill. "Lucas is a really impressive player and person. He is an independent young man who is assertive and confident, and that impressed me a lot. He’s a multi-year D1 college starter, he’ll be an impact player in our League," Sea Devils offensive coordinator Brett Morgan said in the presse release about the 26 years old, 1,95 m and 143 kg heavy Lavin. From his home in Nyköping, Sweden, Lavin played first at City College of San Fransisco, a junior college, and later at the University of Northern Colorado in the NCAA Division 1 FCS. "I'm looking forward to the opportunity to compete with some of the best in Europe. It has been impressive to see the growth of the European League of Football as a whole, and I can't wait to be a part of it," he said.

Michaelsen joins the Sea Devils - Glen Toonga's contract not re-signed

Jakob Michaelsen succeeds British running back Glen Toonga, who will not be part of the Sea Devils' squad next season per Sea Devils' press release. "Credit to Coach Hauff and our scouting department for identifying him very early. We were not sure we’d be able to import his position, but once we could, he was a top target. I really liked the film, and Jakob coming to Hamburg and impressing at our Combine made a definite difference. He’s an excellent scheme fit for us, and a player who can do a lotof things. I expect him to be a good Pass Game back and someone we can move around our formations," Brett Morgan said of the 23-year-old Dane. Michaelsen joins Simon Homadi and Lucas Candido in the backfield of the two-time vice champion.

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"Thankful to Coach Morgan and Coach Hauff"

Born and starting football in Aarhus, Michaelsen, at 1,83 m and 93 kg, has been hard to stop on offense ever since. Michaelsen: "I'm very thankful to Coach Morgan and Coach Hauff for giving me this opportunity, and I'm ready to contribute to the great team the Sea Devils are."

Glen Toonga, who had great impact last year for the Sea Devils, could seek a new challenge in the European League of Football in 2023.


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