Full Roster of the European League of Football All-Star Game Revealed

Familiar names mix with surprising players on the All-Star roster!

September 10, 2021
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Full Roster of the European League of Football All-Star Game Revealed
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The All-Star Game of the European League of Football will kick-off on 3rd October. The fans and the coaches were both able to vote players of all eight franchises into the All-Star team.  You will find some players that were highlighted throughout the season as well as several players who may not be well known: yet.

At the All-Star Game, the European League of Football All-Star players will face the US National Team which promises to be an entertaining matchup.

After the playoffs and the Bowl Game on 26th September, the All-Star game will be the last game of the inaugural season in the European League of Football in 2021. If you are interested in attending the game in person to see the best players on one field, visit this link to purchase tickets via Ticketmaster. You can also watch the All-Star Game on your Game Pass and on More Than Sports TV.

Both, offense and defense, feature two American players that are denoted with an asterisk on the following list.


The offense features players out of both conferences and several different franchises.  


Jakeb Sullivan* (FGY), Jan Weinreich (CCE), Salieu Ceesay (HSD)

Wide Receivers:

Anthony Mahoungou (FGY), Timothy Knuettel (LKG), Remi Bertellin (BDR), Przemyslaw Banat (WPA), Jakub Mazan (WPA)

Running Backs:

Madre London* (CCE), Philéas Pasqualini (WPA), Gerald Ameln (FGY)

Tight Ends: 

Adria Botella Moreno (HSD), Nicolai Schumann (BTH)

Full Back:

Patrick Poetsch (CCE)


Robin Fensch (HSD), Joachim Christensen (FGY)


Timo Winter (HSD), Nick Wiens (CCE), Murilo Silva (WPA)


Fabian Kratz (CCE), Yannic Kiehl (FGY), Keanu Ebanks (HSD)



The defensive side of the ball includes playmakers from both conferences and several different teams as well.  


Wael Nasri (BTH), Sebastian Gauthier (FGY), Miguel Boock (HSD), Daniel Laporte (HSD), Sebastian Silva-Gomez (FGY), Hubert Ogrodowczyk (WPA)

Defensive Ends:

Berend Grube (HSD), Vincent Buffet (LKG), Kyle Kitchens* (LKG)

Defensive Tackles:

Marc-Anthony Hor (FGY), Adedayo Odeleye (BTH), Evans Yeboah (HSD), Lance Leota (LKG)


Justin Rogers* (HSD), Marcel Dabo (SRG), Andy Vera (BDR), Louis Müller (HSD), Roedion Henrique (LKG)


Joshua Poznanski (FGY), Niko Lester (BDR), Goran Zec (WPA), Nick Wenzelburger (SRG)


Special Teams


Jacob Templar (LKG)


Phillip Friis Andersen (HSD)

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