European League of Football is collaborating with FANZONE to launch a new Team-Manager including digital collectibles

The European League of Football is partnering up with FANZONE for the 2023 season.

May 17, 2023
European League of Football Communications
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European League of Football is collaborating with FANZONE to launch a new Team-Manager including digital collectibles
The European League of Football is partnering up with FANZONE. © European League of Football / FANZONE

Today marks an exciting milestone in the world of sports and digital collectibles as we announce the collaboration between the European League of Football and the collect-to-earn platform FANZONE.

With the beginning of the upcoming 2023 season the fans of the European League of Football will be able to purchase exclusive NFTs of their favorite players and get the opportunity to operate as a virtual Team-Manager based on web 3 technology. Furthermore, the launch will also include a Dropbook for every team and the possibility for fans to win special prizes e.g. VIP invitation to the Championship Game. This ground-breaking platform, created in collaboration with FANZONE, will demonstrate the endless possibilities of blockchain technology and change how fans can take part in the competition.

A huge step for fan-actions

"We are thrilled to launch this revolutionary fan engagement platform for the European League of Football in cooperation with FANZONE," says European League of Football CEO Zeljko Karajica. "By merging the world of sports with blockchain technology, we aim to enhance the connection between fans and their favorite teams and players. This platform will enable fans to own unique digital items, engage in strategic challenges, and unlock incredible prizes, thereby transforming the way they experience football."

The multisport-NFT-portal FANZONE already works together with big names i.a. Deutscher Fußball Bund (DFB), Deutscher Basketball Bund (DBB), FC Schalke 04 and FC Bayern Basketball.

Groundbreaking Web 3 engagement

Dirk Weyel, CEO of FANZONE, is excited about the upcoming cooperation: "We are very excited to collaborate with the European League of Football in launching our groundbreaking web 3 fan engagement platform as a white label solution. This collaboration allows us to unite the worlds of sports and digital collectibles, providing fans with a truly immersive and unique experience. Together we aim to revolutionize fan engagement, empower supporters to connect with their favorite teams and players in unprecedented ways, and usher in a new era of innovation at the intersection of sports and blockchain technology.”

To celebrate the launch, the platform will host a series of special events, including exclusive drops, player interactions, and giveaways. Football enthusiasts and collectors are invited to join this digital revolution and seize the opportunity to own a piece of football history. All digital collectibles will be created on the Polygon blockchain to ensure that users can confidently preserve and showcase their digital collections, leveraging the benefits of blockchain technology for enhanced ownership and rarity.


FANZONE is a leading innovator in the blockchain space, focused on merging digital technology with real-world experiences. With a team of passionate individuals, we strive to create cutting-edge platforms that redefine engagement, entertainment, and ownership.

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