Jun 21st 16:00, by Tim Hanswillemenke

Week 3 Power Ranking – Top 5 stays, Musketeers drop 

Let's see where all the teams rank three weeks into the regular season!

Jun 21st 16:00, by Tim Hanswillemenke

Week 3 Power Ranking – Top 5 stays, Musketeers drop 

Let's see where all the teams rank three weeks into the regular season!

After Week 3 is in the books, the third European League of Football season begins to take shape. Let’s see where I rank the teams before Week 4 kicks off!

After beating the Paris Musketeers at home in dominating fashion, there is no other way than keeping Rhein Fire at the top of this ranking. Not to mention quarterback Jadrian Clark’s all-time performance with eight passing touchdowns in one game.

The Vikings hosted the Prague Lions and put up 69 points on the board. That is the most points any team was able to score in one game this season so far. So, it is a no-brainer to keep them at two before Week 4 kicks off.

The Raiders welcomed the unbeaten Dragons to Tivoli Stadium and put on a show. With the help of former New York Giants running back Sandro Platzgummer, the Raiders were able to move the chains by their will. The Austrian defense was able to pressure quarterback Conor Miller and sack him twice, forcing him out of the pocket on numerous plays. The Raiders are for real and stay in the Top 3!

Antother week, another win for the Surge! Although the Stuttgart franchise has lost Moritz Böhringer due to a torn ACL, the team keeps winning and keeps turning around their franchise. Fun fact: If the Surge win against the Raiders in Week 4, they will have more wins in 2023 already than in their first two season since joining the European League of Football combined.

The Berlin Thunder stay where I put them from the beginning of the season: in the Top 5! They dominated the Panthers in the first half and still left points on the field. However, they gave up unnecessary points due to a fumbled interceptions and a fumble by running back Tim Schulz which the Panthers turned into a touchdown. But their passing game finally clicked with quarterback Isom throwing for over 300 yards for the first time this season.  

For me, the top five teams are clearly better than any other teams in the European League of Football. That also includes the Panthers which lost against the Thunder on the road in Week 3. But because the Musketeers have to be moved out of the sixth spot after their brutal loss against Rhein Fire. So, I have to move up the Panthers who fought hard until the very last second.  

I had to move up the Barcelona Dragons one spot because of the Musketeers who fall three spots after their loss against Rhein Fire. I know they have lost against the Raiders in clear fashion on Saturday, but they are still a good team that surprised everyone outside of their franchise. However, I do believe that the Ravens could have a shot at beating the Dragons in Week 5. So, let’s see how the Spanish franchise will come back after their first loss of the season.

The Musketeers suffered another brutal loss against Rhein Fire. For now, they have to stay behind the Wroclaw Panthers and the Barcelona Dragons. But do not sleep on the Musketeers after a rough start to the season. They have what it takes to win games in this league, it will just be a matter of time for them to capitalize on their talented roster. And when their time comes, they will move up the ranking again.

The Frankfurt Galaxy stay where they were before their bye week. Placing quarterback Jakeb Sullivan on injured reserve and signing Steve Cluley as his replacement will negatively effect the Galaxy for the next few weeks. Let’s see what head coach Thomas Kösling has in store for the French team when the Galaxy host their first team in 2023 on Saturday!

The Munich Ravens make their first top ten appearance in this ranking after a dominating win over the Helvetic Guards on the road. With a final score of 39-10, the Guards were not ready to take on the Ravens. However, the Swiss franchise is currently struggling with their quarterbacks as Collin Hill was placed on injured reserve and former Leipzig Kings quarterback Jordan Barlow joined the team just days before their matchup against the Ravens. Anyway, the Ravens have a solid team that deserves to be in the top ten!

The Sea Devils stay at eleven after their win against the Centurions. It was a dominating win against a weaker opponent, but the Sea Devils were once again not able to establish their running game. I do not know why, but the Sea Devils also struggle to get the ball to wide receiver Malik Stanley who could be one of the most productive wideouts in this league. Maybe Stanley sees more touches in Week 4 against the Berlin Thunder.


The Milano Seamen are 0-2 after their first two games in the European League of Football. It has to be said that some teams in this league had easier matchups to begin their season than the Barcelona Dragons and the Stuttgart Surge. But still, the Italian franchise just gives up too many points on defense. Despite their negative record, the Seamen will probably walk away with a win against the Helvetic Guards at home in Week 4.

The Cologne Centurions have a quarterback crisis. After their offense struggled to move the ball in the first three weeks, the German franchise cut ties with their American quarterback Dylan Jacob and replaced him with former CFL gunslinger Judd Erickson. Changing your quarterback after the start of the season is never a good sign, but their defense is just too good to rank them lower than the last four teams.

The Leipzig Kings are 2-1 because of their wins against the Prague Lions and the Fehérvár Enthroners which both rank at the bottom of this list. If they play against better teams, like the 2-1 Panthers in Week 2, we saw how much they struggled to move the ball and to keep the opposing team from moving the chains. After their matchup against the Vienna Vikings in Week 4, they will most probably end up with their second loss of the season.

Just like the Cologne Centurions, the Helvetic Guards had to change their starting quarterback. If it were not enough that Silas Nacita has to play wide receiver and running back to keep the Guards offense moving, he also had to line up at quarterback against the Ravens in Week 3. The Guards have to find homegrown players that step up on offense, otherwise it will be a long season for the new franchise.

The Prague Lions had a tough weekend in Vienna. Giving up 69 points to your opponent is never great. They simply stood no chance against one of the top teams in this league and it showed. However, the Czech franchise will have a bye week to go adjust be ready for Week 5 of the regular season.

The Fehérvár Enthroners do not have it easy in their first year joining the European League of Football. But releasing quarterback Jerod Evans seems not like the solution to all of their problems. To make matters worse, I believe it will make them even less competitive moving forward, depending on who replaces the former Division I standout.

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