Jun 29th 16:00, by Tim Hanswillemenke

Roster Moves - Thunder and Surge replace QBs and more

All the roster moves before Week 5 kicks off!

Marc Junge

Jun 29th 16:00, by Tim Hanswillemenke

Roster Moves - Thunder and Surge replace QBs and more

All the roster moves before Week 5 kicks off!

All teams in the European League of Football have the right to release or sign players during the season until Week 9. During a game week, each team has the chance to sign players until Wednesday night. Cutting players is possible at any time during the season.

You can find is a list of all roster moves after Week 5 below!

Milano Seamen

Released – Nalfi Rodriguez (Homegrown / Defensive Line)

Released – Daniel Marshall (Homegrown / Tight End)

Signed – Akira Ottogalli (Homegrown / Linebacker)

Paris Musketeers

Released – Eduardo Sanchez Gonzalez (E-Import / Offensive Line)

Signed – David Richardson II (A-Import / Defensive Back)

Signed – Edris Jean-Alphonse (Homegrown / Defensive Back)

Moved to IR – Stephen Yepmo (Homegrown / Running Back)

Moved to IR – Cameron Hilton (A-Import / Defensive Back)

Cologne Centurions

Released – Nico Kalterherberg (Homegrown / Defensive Tackle)

Released – Trovato (Homegrown / Offensive Line)

Released –Tufan Yagmur (Homegrown / Outside Linebacker)

Moved to IR – Noah Aarass (Homegrown / Tight End)

Moved to IR – Valentin Rödiger (Homegrown / Wide Receiver)

Fehérvár Enthroners

Signed - Szöllösi Szabolcs (Homegrown / Defensive Back)

Signed - Àdám Zsolt Leszkován (Homegrown / Defensive Back)

Wrocław Panthers

Signed – Michal Zieta (Homegrown / Wide Receiver)

Signed – Jakub Ciurkot (Homegrown / Kicker)

Signed – Nemanja Vuckovic (Homegrown / Defensive Back)

Signed – Adam Izydorczyk (Homegrown / Defensive Tackle)

Signed – Jakob Schridde (E-Import / Defensive End)

Barcelona Dragons

Signed – Ivan Rodriguez Hita (Homegrown / Offensive Line)

Rhein Fire

Released – Feli Manoka (E-Import / Wide Receiver)

Signed – Nils Schauerte (Homegrown / Kicker)

Moved to IR – Martin Pinter (Homegrown / Outside Linebacker)

Hamburg Sea Devils

Signed – Oluwatofunmi Lala (E-Import / Running Back)

Raiders Tirol

Moved to IR – Sandro Platzgummer (Homegrown / Running Back)

Moved to IR – Basil Weber (E-Import / Offensive Line)

Berlin Thunder

Released – Marcel Camenz (Homegrown / Offensive Line)

Signed – Slade Jarman (A-Import / Quarterback)

Signed – Lucas Sisalem (Homegrown / Defensive End)

Moved to IR – Donovan Isom (A-Import / Quarterback)

Moved to IR – Albert Wiesigstrauch (Homegrown / Running Back)

Moved to IR – Tillman Bolk (Homegrown / Defensive Tackle)

Stuttgart Surge

Released – Jan Bender (Homegrown / Linebacker)

Released – Moritz Böhringer (Homegrown / Wide Receiver)

Released – Alexander Hofer (Homegrown / Defensive Tackle)

Released – Asnnel Robo (E-Import / Running Back)

Released – Ville Valasti (E-Import / Defensive Tackle)

Signed – Jan Weinreich (Homegrown / Quarterback)

Moved to IR – Reilly Hennessey (A-Import / Quarterback)

Moved to IR – Raphael Zistler (Homegrown / Defensive Tackle)

Moved to IR – Marlon Werthmann (Homegrown / Offensive Line)

Leipzig Kings

Released – Felix N’Twa (E-Import / Defensive Tackle)

Moved to Active Roster – Lance Leota (E-Import / Defensive Tackle)

Prague Lions

Signed – Daniel Blahovec (Homegrown / Defensive Tackle)

Vienna Vikings

Signed - Daniel Schönet (Homegrown / Linebacker)

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