Vienna Vikings re-sign Second Team All-Star Jordan Bouah

Elusive andfast! The Vienna Vikings get back one of their best playmakers on the widereceiver position.

January 4, 2023
Chris Hahn
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Vienna Vikings re-sign Second Team All-Star Jordan Bouah
Jordan Bouah returns to Vienna. © Hannes Jirgal

The European champions Vienna Vikings have re-signed wide receiver Jordan Bouah for the 2023 season. The Italian pass catcher had a phenomenal first year with the Vikings, being honored 2nd-Team All-Star and winning the Championship Game in Klagenfurt. Bouah joined the Vikings after being a journeyman in European football with the Braunschweig Lions, Dresden Monarchs or Milano Seamen. The 27-year-old might be one of the fastest players in the league.

"One of the most explosive players in the league"

"Jordan Bouah returns! I love the competitive nature of the Boogie man. He wants to repeat as champions and brings that intensity and competition to the practice a game film. Easily, one of the most explosive players in the league returns to the Vikings!" said head coach Chris Calaycay about the extension.

Have you seen this yet?

Jordan Bouah: "I couldn't have passed on the chance to do what I love with the people I care about, all while representing the European Champions. Everyone in the club is super excited about the team that's coming together, and the energy has not changed. We are on top, and we'll work to stay there."

Bouah had 680 yards and 6 touchdowns in 12 games for the Vikings, ranking in the Top-15 in yards and third in the longest touchdown with 90 yards. With Chris Helbig, Weston Carr or Florian Bierbaumer, the offense looks more than ready to compete.


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