Shareholder structure change for the Cologne Centurions

The Cologne Centurions have made a structural change at the ownership position.

November 2, 2022
Chris Hahn
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Shareholder structure change for the Cologne Centurions
The Cologne Centurions are on the way to a new season in the European League of Football. © Marc Junge

As announced by the Cologne Centurions on Monday, the owner and founder of the Cologne Centurions will receive support in the owner group in the future. Three more shareholders join the former Sky manager Hans Seger.

Entrepreneurship and experience for the future

New majority shareholder is first the Swiss entrepreneur Sandro Moor, the owner of Asentiv Global,an internationally operating business training & coaching company in the field of business relationships, have already received several international awards in their field of expertise. Asentiv Global currently operates about 40 franchise branches worldwide. With their group of companies, he owns additional companies in Switzerland, Germany, the USA and Australia. Klaus and Andre Bange, two successful entrepreneurs from Arnsberg in North Rhine-Westphalia, also join the Centurions.

Different business areas inside the franchise structure

As the Centurions announced, internally, the partners have divided up the business areas and want to create new foundations and structures within the franchise. Thus, Sandro Moor will take care of the support of the business management and the sportive management, Hans Seger will take care of the cooperation with the European League of Football and the media area, Andre Bange will take care of sponsoring and Klaus Bange will take care of finances and contracts. The Centurions want to focus on building a successful franchise to compete for a playoff spot in the upcoming season, as the front office announced.

Have you seen this yet?

General Magager David Drane is looking forward to the future cooperation:

"It is very good news for the Centurions that we have new shareholders. They bring years of business know-how and experience to our franchise - with each bringing their own individual expertise. I look forward to the new shareholders giving us the opportunity to further develop the businessside of the Centurions. Radical improvement in all aspects such as game day events, marketing, and sponsorship acquisition. This in turn will allow us to put together a championship caliber team on the field."

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