Roster of the US Federation National Team Revealed

Some familiar names amongst high-caliber players for the US Federation National Team!

September 30, 2021
Tim Hanswillemenke
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American CB David Richardson II at a college game. ©Henry Paulk III

The European League of Football All-Star Team will face off against the US Federation National Team at Friedrich Ludwig Sportpark in Berlin on Sunday at 3:30 p.m. CEST.

If you want to be part of the All-Star Game in Berlin and see all your favorite European League of Football players and the US Federation National Team on one field, you still have the chance to purchase your tickets via Ticketmaster.

Because of COVID-19 restrictions, a few players will not be able to play for the US Federation National Team in the All-Star Game. There are also a few players from teams in the European League of Football that are going to play for Team USA, as you can read below. However, there are still a lot of high-caliber players coming to the capital of Germany to take on the European League of Football All-Star Team you voted for!

Let’s have a look at the roster of the US Federation National Team.



Josh Booty (LSU), Conor Miller (Florida Atlantic University)

Running Backs:

Gennadiy Adams (Bemidji State), Charles Arnold (Concordia St. Paul), Lennies Mcferren III (Southeast Missouri State University)

Wide Receivers:

David Akins II (College of St. Scholatisca), Andrew Cravedi (College of the Holy Cross), Seantavious Jones (Valdosta State University), Manny Ramirez, Justin Jordan

Tight Ends:

Daniel Knapp (Arizona State University)

Offensive Line:

Nuno Simoes, Jonas Berntsen Hagerup (City College of San Francisco), Samuel McDowell, Matthias Stockamp, Nicholas Hansen, Eastwood Thomas (University of Louisiana Monroe)



Juwan Haynes (University of Toledo), David Richardson (Tulsa University), Darius Robinson (Clemson University)


Benji Barnes (Georgia State University), JaMaal White (Northwestern State), Darius Lewis (Northern Arizona University), Davarus Shores (Texas A&M University of Commerce), Antonio McCall, Lane Barnes (Ripon College)


Mario Wokocha (Oklahoma Panhandle State University), William Lloyd (Troy University), Kevin Lockhart Jr. (Ellsworth CC), Lamar Hall (Murray State University), Tevin Hanley (Highland College), Kenneth Bradley (Ithaca College)

Defensive Line:

Deveraux McCall (Youngstown State University), Mike Taylor III (Georgetown University), Karlis Gustav Brauns, Quin Walker (Louisberg College), Andre Revere Sr. (Fairmont State University), Junior Stevens, Jamarcus Henderson (Newberry College)

Special Teams


Daniel Schumacher (San Diego State), Wyatt Herbst (University of Nevada Reno)

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