Hot Take Friday: Hamburg Sea Devils offense has to take over

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March 31, 2023
Dominik Krauss
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Hot Take Friday: Hamburg Sea Devils offense has to take over
The Sea Devils' offense needs to step up in 2023. ©Jonas Wicker

The Hamburg Sea Devils have been known for having one of if not the best defense in the European League of Football. With a defense that only allowed around 15 points per game over the course of the past two regular seasons, Hamburg’s offense did not have to stand out to win games for the Sea Devils. This is set to change in 2023.

Defensive rebuild

With the loss of key players like Miguel Boock, Kasim Edebali, Tim Hänni and many more, the team’s defense is nowhere near the historically dominant unit it was in 2022. Although plenty of talented players will join the team, almost all of them are extremely young. Right now, the oldest player on the unit is 31-year-old defensive lineman Berend Grube. The median age of 23,6 years shows the amount of inexperience the Sea Devils’ defenders have. Since Kendral Ellison is one of the greatest defensive minds in all of European Football, I am convinced that he will get the most out of his unit, but it won’t be the dominant force that won the team’s games.


Talented offense

Instead, the offense must step up. And I believe it will. With a great quarterback in Preston Haire an outstanding receiver in Malik Stanley, a dominant-looking offensive line and a young and talented running back group, the Sea Devils’ offense will take the wheel in 2023. Of course, they lost Glen Toonga, but running back is the position that is the easiest to replace and the backfield consisting of Simon Homadi, Lucas Candido and Jakob Michaelsen has some serious talent.  

Will that be enough for the playoffs in the arguably hardest division in the European League of Football? Remains to be seen, but I would not rule out that the offense can carry the Sea Devils to the playoffs.


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