Five things you need to know before week one

The European League of Football is set to kick-off its second season in 2022. But what has changed over the course of the offseason?

May 6, 2022
Tim Hanswillemenke
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Five things you need to know before week one
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American football in Europe is growing. More and more fans tune in to watch the NFL on Sundays and love to cheer for their favorite team.

This year,the European League of Football gives fans the chance to enjoy professional football next door for a second straight year. But what has changed since the inaugural season finished with a big bang in Düsseldorf?

Four new franchises, three total conferences

The European League of Football will feature four new franchises. The Vienna Vikings and the Raiders Tirol will join the league from Austria.

Turkey will also be represented by the Istanbul Rams in one of the most vibrant cities of Europe. Finally, the Rhein Fire is joining the European League of Football as the twelfth and final franchise for the 2022 season.

With twelve teams competing for the Championship this season, the league split the fold in three conferences.

The Northern Conference will stay as it was in 2021, featuring the Wroclaw Panthers, the Berlin Thunder, the Hamburg Sea Devils, and the Leipzig Kings.

The Central Conference will consist of the Vienna Vikings, the Stuttgart Surge, the Raiders Tirol, and the Frankfurt Galaxy.

The third conference in the European League of Football will be the Southern Conference featuring the Istanbul Rams, Cologne Centurions, Rhein Fire, and the Barcelona Dragons will compete for a spot in the playoffs.

Video review

The European League of Football will use Instant Review in all games of the 2022 season. This feature enables referees to take a closer look at crucial situations in a game and will make the game fairer.

Look at the Instant Review feature used at the 2021 Championship Game below.


New kick-off rule

The European League of Football changed its kick-off rule for the 2022 season. Watch the video below in which head official Malte Scholz explains the new rule and every small detail that comes with it.


European League of Football on European television

Fans will be able to watch every game live and on demand with the European League ofFootball Game Pass in a variety of different languages from all around the world.


Major television channels like S Sport in Turkey and Esport3 in Spain will bring the game closer to the fans in free TV.

Import rules & roster

The league also made some changes to import rules and the size of gameday rosters.

Last season, teams were allowed to have 65 total players on their roster and 53 active players on gameday. In 2022, all teams are allowed a maximum of 60 players on their roster and an active gameday roster of 50 players. This decreased the practice squad size from 12 players to 10 total players.

This year, all teams will only be allowed to sign eight import players, compared to ten last year, next to their four American players on the roster.

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