Nov 3rd, 2023 17:00, by ELF Network

What YOUR team needs to improve in 2024

Fiona Noever

Nov 3rd, 2023 17:00, by ELF Network

What YOUR team needs to improve in 2024

Improvement comes with development in all stages. While some franchises leave the impression of having already reached the top of European football in the three last seasons, some teams still have to find their way in preparing for the best possible result. Let’s take a look at points where YOUR team can improve in 2024.

Barcelona Dragons

Only two wins in 12 games after a rather successful season in 2022. After each season in the last three years, the Barcelona Dragons saw a lot of changes. With neither re-signing Bart Iaccarino, general manager, nor “Blacky” Sanchez, head coach, the search is on for a candidate that should bring stability into all football related topics and serves as a solution for years to come.

Berlin Thunder

Thunder is on an upwards path. There is still some way to go, but the German capital franchise is slowly creeping up to the top. Berlin Thunder showed that they could keep up with good teams in the league, such a Vienna Vikings or Wrocław Panthers, but came up short in the most crucial moments. What might be missing is a quarterback that wins the turnover battle consistently, elevating weapons like Wilzeck or Jackson. 

Berlin Thunder is looking towards making a splash in 2024 with Aaron Jackson back in the line-up.

Cologne Centurions

For the Centurions, it could be the beginning of a new era. Not extending the contracts with sports director David Drane, who led the team from 2021 until now, and head coach Christos Lampropoulos, was a radical decision heading into the 2024 offseason. Extending some of the protruded homegrown players like Darren Okueguale or Jahn Jesus Lara Perez while bringing in some veterans could bring improvement in the upcoming season.  

Fehérvár Enthroners

The Enthroners went under the radar, before nearly crunching a late victory against the Vienna Vikings in Week 13. Record shows: Bringing in good import players like Tavares Martin Jr. to accompany homegrown playmakers like Nandor Toth could bring the Hungarian franchise over the hump. Getting a mobile quarterback behind a strong offensive line to score consistently in the red zone is the key to success.

Frankfurt Galaxy

It was a problem slowly creeping in for the Galaxy in the 2023 season. Without consistent production out of the backfield, the Frankfurt Galaxy had problems keeping up with the best teams in the league. While having Jakeb Sullivan at quarterback and more than one capable wide receiver, the running back position was a problem all season long.

Kevin Mwamba is one of the players not returning to Frankfurt Galaxy in 2024. Will we see him in Paris?

Hamburg Sea Devils

The Sea Devils had their glimpses of excellence in the last three years, with drastic changes in the last off season in the harbor city. Players like Edebali or Boock were missing in the huddle. Since there are still vacant jobs in the front office and at the head coaching position, a lot must be done to successfully make the step with the next generation. Apart from the defensive line, the team lacked some leadership in crucial situations.

Helvetic Guards

While the Guards showed interesting development in the season with guys making plays on offense and defense, it looked like the offense lacked a true playmaker on the quarterback position all year long. After Collin Hill got hurt early into the season, neither Jordan Barlow nor Skylar Noble brought the firepower the Guards needed. Who will they bring in?

Without Silas Nacita, who is taking the spotlight in Switzerland in 2024?

Milano Seamen

Although the offense of the Milano Seamen was stacked with talent, the defense had a lot of rough days – including 78 points against them in Week 9 versus Stuttgart Surge. A reason might have been the distribution of import players, not having a single E-Import on defense. With Jim Ward, new head coach and defensive coordinator, this could as well change.

Munich Ravens

More than enough scoring opportunities, but inefficiency in crucial situations killed the hopes of the Munich franchise in their very first season. If the Ravens, under offensive coordinator Kyle Callahan, want to make another step, efficiency plays a huge role in the development of the team. But bringing back Markell Castle and Chad Jeffries could certainly help with that.

A young franchise with great possibilities. Johannes Zirngibl is one of the better players in the league.

Panthers Wrocław

Under head coach Christensen, a winning mentality has been developed in the last season. No other team in the league has surprised the league like the Panthers did in 2023. More than disappointing were crucial injuries on the roster all year long. If the Panthers want to make the next step, health could play a significant role.

Paris Musketeers

No field goal made until week seven, no PAT made until week 4, a field goal percentage of 60 percent and PAT percentage of 47.83. The Paris Musketeers had one of the worst special teams’ performances in the league in 2023. They should be looking towards upgrading their kicking game if they want to attack the top of the league in 2024.

Prague Lions

Two return touchdowns allowed in the first three games of the season, and one conceded against Berlin Thunder in week seven, annihilated all hopes to hang into close games in 2023. The Lions had chances to win a couple of games last season but managed to come short a couple of times. Special teams were one of the reasons.

What's to come for the Prague Lions under new ownership?

Raiders Tirol

A quarterback controversy kept Raiders’ fans on their toes in 2023, resulting in missing the playoffs and in the end parting ways with long-time head coach Kevin Herron. After losing Sean Shelton to retirement, the Raiders were missing a clear plan how to spread the ball across all offensive weapons, ranking only 10th in points and 8th in passing. If it’s the quarterback or play calling, the Raiders need a solution.

Who will be under center for the Raiders Tirol in 2024?

Rhein Fire

The best team in Europe leaves fans wondering what adjustments are still possible. Apparently, everything went perfectly for Rhein Fire. In fact, only the pass defense looked a bit bumpy against the best opponents last season. Against Stuttgart Surge it rained 34 points, against Frankfurt in the semifinals 23, right after those 38 points in week 14. Thus, the defense allowed 83% of all offensive yards of the opponent through the air. Overall, they ranked 8th in pass defense.

Stuttgart Surge

Ranking just behind the Rhein Fire in pass defense, the Stuttgart Surge had as many problems keeping up with the opposing wideouts as the Fire did. While arguably the two best receiving corps met each other in Duisburg in the final, it shows that there is still room for adjustments.

Vienna Vikings

Jackson Erdmann, having had an interception to touchdown ratio of 50 percent through the air in 2022, and Chris Helbig, passing for four touchdowns while also turning over the ball three times in the semifinal, led the team at quarterback. A position where the Vikings could certainly need some development. From game managers to playmakers.

Can the Vikings return to 2022 strength?


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