Jul 3rd 07:00, by ELF Network

Sunday Recap - Duty wins and dominance

Goran Milosavljevic

Jul 3rd 07:00, by ELF Network

Sunday Recap - Duty wins and dominance

Berlin Thunder dominate

It seemed like the Thunder scouted well in the last week. Coming in for Donovan Isom, Slade Jarman had a terrific first game against a Leipzig Kings that was not up to the game. Kings' quarterback Kenyatte Allen only managed to throw for 66 yards, while also being the best rusher for 48 yards. On the other side, the team of Johnny Schmuck balled out. Aaron Jackson and Robin Wilzeck set the tone early on offense, while the defense took what the opposing offense gave them. A well-earned 39-14-win for the Thunder.

Is Stuttgart ready for it all?

What seemed like a balanced game at first, went further to a dominating win of the Surge in the end. In front of over 5,000 fans in Munich, Jordan Neuman and his new quarterback Jan Weinreich had a solid game on offense and defense. Weinreich went for 270 yards and one touchdown, while the defense picked off Chad Jeffries twice. Despite the fact that Markell Castle had another great game, the firepower of the Surge was just overwhelming. The Munich Ravens had to call it a day with a 9-28-loss at home.

Homegrowns take over for Raiders

Everything went according to plan for the Raiders this week. Already in the first quarter, Philip Haun and Tobias Bonatti, both homegrowns, put up three touchdowns, before they were able to turn it up in the second half. In the end, 196 yards rushing and 333 yards passing were on the scoreboard for the Raiders. Simply too much for the Seamen to keep up with. The game ended 38-13 for the Tyroleans.

Close call in Wrocław

The Wroclaw Panthers went into the match with the Lions as high favorites. They left it with a very close win heading into Week 6. In the end, three interceptions and repeated poor decision making by Lions QB Shazzon Mumphrey ensured the Panthers' victory. Adam Zouzelka, Lions,  and Dawid Brzozowski, Panthers, made for an entertaining rungame, Matthew Vitale put in a sufficient performance, scoring two passing touchdowns in the end to give his Panthers a 29-23 win.

Vienna Vikings keep on rolling

The Vienna Vikings continue to show their class. Even though the Enthroners and their quarterback Hegedus continued to make progress, the Vikings were dominant. The pair of brothers Florian and Anton Wegan quickly took control out of the Vikings offensive backfield. Weston Carr,wide receiver, again brought over 100 yards receiving into the game. It was a level too high the Hungarians and a deserved 41-12 win for the Vikings. 


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