Visit Klagenfurt: Sports meets culture and more

The European League of Football will come to Klagenfurt on September 25th for the Championship Game.

July 13, 2022
European League of Football
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Visit Klagenfurt: Sports meets culture and more

Klagenfurt is worth a visit. The city, the landscape, the culture. The region Carinthia around lake Wörthersee invites you to travel and dine. The European League of Football offers an unforgettable experience that combines the beloved football with a regional experience.

Once in Klagenfurt, one immediately wants to spend a longer time there. While the European League of Football will host its Championship Game on September 25th in the Wörthersee Stadium and currently 12 teams from five different countries, with the Vienna Vikings and Raiders Tirol also two Austrian teams, are fighting for the coveted two places, the region of Carinthia stands for diversity and sporting tradition.

What a view!

Sports meets culture

With SK Austria Klagenfurt, the 32,000-seat Wörthersee Stadium is also home to a soccer club from the first Austrian soccer league. The stadium was the venue of the 2008 European Football Championship and its architecture makes it worth a visit.

Austria Klagenfurt is ready.

Not far from the stadium is the eponymous and 16.5-kilometer long Wörthersee. With its excellent bathing water quality and its turquoise water, it is a pretty but slightly underestimated vacation destination. The mountain panorama and the associated hiking routes offer breathtaking views of the region. In Fact: Hardly any city offers the possibility to set out on its hiking route directly from the City Center. It is also the perfect place to start a cycling vacation. But wellness is also possible for those who need a change of pace from the excitement of football. Wellness hotels offer possibilities to let the soul dangle.

A great scenery for the Pre Game Party, isn't it?

A city and event to remember

The Wörthersee screams vacation, on and beside the water. On warm late summer days you can find refreshment on the beaches of the lake or by strolling through the historic old town. On the Saturday before the Championship Game, the pre-game party awaits all fans. Here, all football enthusiasts meet to start the Championship Sunday already before the game in a breathtaking atmosphere at the water of the Wörthersee. With a cool drink and one or the other special guest.
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Numerous partner hotels invite you to stay. Werzer's Hotel Resort offers a deluxe trip, which provides a great ambience during the weekend. Also, the Parkhotel in Pörtschach or the B&B in Villach welcome all fans of top-class European football and those who want to experience the great atmosphere.
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