German CrunchTime Magazine is planning a weekly digital news format

The German football community is looking forward to an exciting and eventful European League of Football season.

February 20, 2023
Chris Hahn
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German CrunchTime Magazine is planning a weekly digital news format
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With the European Football Weekly, the CrunchTime editorial team wants to implement a German weekly magazine that will be available with a total of 20 Fridays during the European League of Football season in a stand-alone news booth app - just like a weekly program for the league. European football experts will report exclusively from the teams and provide fans with background information, interviews, tactical analyses and much more.

This new American football experience is coming in June 2023! © Michael Freitag

If the campaign is successfull, is for all fans to decide... starting now! The funding phase for the crowdfunding campaign has started. The European Football Weekly needs 2,000 supporters for a successful implementation.

Only 1,99 € per Magazine!

For this you can decide on for the single purchase of the paper (JUST 1,99 Euro per paper, at any time immediately terminable) or the season subscription (35,00 € for all papers, annually terminable). You have it in your hands to make the magazine a reality!

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