Jun 25th 09:00, by ELF Network

Saturday Recap: Losing streak and dominating playstyle


Jun 25th 09:00, by ELF Network

Saturday Recap: Losing streak and dominating playstyle

Back-to-back MVP performances

The Fehérvár Enthroners travelled to Poland to meet the Wrcolaw Panthers in a high scoring matchup. While homegrown quarterback Máté Hegedús took the job from released Jerod Evans, a dominating Panthers' performance was too much to handle for the newcomer. Tony Tate and Matthew Vitale clicked on the other side. In crucial situations, Tate delivered low blows on mass. The Hungarian franchise could not keep. Panthers bounce back after a loss against Berlin with a 63-33-win.

A fluke or realization?

The Vienna Vikings welcomed the Leipzig Kings for their first game back on the Hohe Warte and showed quickly what they were capable off. Defense and offense of the Kings were overrun early in the game. Just like last season, the Vikings showed an overall great team-performance. Florian Wegan, running back, and Weston Carr, back from injury, were especially hard to stop. Kenyatte Allen hardly got a move on. Only in garbage time, the Kings prevented an even more significant defeat. Vikings won with 47-14.

Another defeat

Paris had one goal: Get their second win of the season. With Frankfurt Galaxy taking advantage over players coming back from injury, the Paris Musketeers had to go without several starters. Early into the game, the Musketeers were able to keep up with the Galaxy. Reece Horn and new quarterback Steve Cluley, who took over for injured Jakeb Sullivan, had fun in slicing through the opposing defense. Paris Musketeers had a problem keeping up, and were overwhelmed by Galaxy's power, especially towards the end of the game. Galaxy catch a 30-13-win after their Bye-Week.

Ravens step up

In Munich, you can breathe a sigh of relief. In the Central Conference duel, the Ravens' offense was too fast, too well coached. Tomiwa Oyewo and homegrown stars like Marvin Rutsch and kicker Robert Werner regularly provided relaxed starting positions. The Dragons were offensively partly strong set, partly characterized by mistakes in the coordination. It was too little against a strong Ravens team with a 15-39 loss.

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