Frequently Asked Questions

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How do the Playoffs work?


  • Playoffs have been increased from four to six teams
  • The three conference champions and three best remaining teams will qualify
  • conference champions will be ranked #1 to #3
  • The best remaining teams will be ranked #4 to #6
  • Seed #1 and #2 will have a first-round bye and automatically move to the semi-finals
  • #3 vs. #6 and #4 vs. #5 will be the matchups for wildcard-weekend
  • The highest remaining seed will have homefield advantage and will play against the lowest remaining seed
  • Seeds will be ranked by number of wins

If teams are tied by number of wins, the following tiebreaker will determine standings:

1.     Head-to-head matchup***;

2.     Points difference in head-to-head matchups***;

3.     Points scored in head-to-head matchups***;

4.     Pointes scored at away games of head-to-head matchups***;

5.     Total points difference;

6.     Total points scored;

7.     Points scored at away games;

8.     Coin toss performed by the Commissioner, or a person determined by the Commissioner.

*** Only applicable, if a head-to-head matchup has taken place between all European League of Football teams remaining to be decided.

What do I do if my gamepass account is banned?

Often the account is banned in Gamepass because too many users access it at the same time. In most cases, it helps to reset the password and log in again. If it still does not work, please contact the support at:

What gamemode is the league using?

The league is divided into three conferences: Western, Central and Eastern. Every team will play 12 games consisting of six home games and six away games. The franchises will play their conference opponents twice while also playing interconference matchups. Every first place of each division will reach the playoffs, as well as the remaining three other best teams.

Is the league a relaunch of the NFL Europe?

No. We are building on the European idea. In this way we want to bring football in Europeto a new sporting and economic level. However, the general conditions and players are completely different from back then. The European League of Football will have its own positioning and in the medium term it will spread throughout Europe. Every team will only be allowed to have four US-Imports on the gameday roster and two US-Imports on the field at the same time. Furthermore, six additional foreign players can be signed on the game day roster. The league is giving local players the chance to develop and play on a higher level to showcase their talent.

Which rules does the European League of Football use?

The European League of Football will play according to the rules of the NFL to increase the attractiveness of the game. We will adapt some of the existing NFL rules to the European conditions (Video review & Overtime Rule of the NCAA).

How do I watch the games?

All games of the European League of Football are available with the Game Pass with multiple options like Team Pass or pay-per-view. Find those options here.

The European League of Football broadcasts games for free-TV in different countries of Europe and the world.

Turkey: S Sport & S Sport Plus

Germany: Pro7Maxx /

Austria: Puls24 / Zappn

Spain: Esport3

Poland: Polsat

Hungary: Network4

China: iQiyi

Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia: ELEVEN SPORTS

Where do all teams play?

The league has expanded their reach in Europe for the upcoming season from twelve to seventeen teams. Those teams are: Hamburg Sea Devils, Leipzig Kings, Berlin Thunder, Wrocław Panthers, Frankfurt Galaxy, Stuttgart Surge, Vienna Vikings, Raiders Tirol from Innsbruck, Barcelona Dragons, Cologne Centurions, Rhein Fire playing in Duisburg, Munich Ravens, Prague Lions, Milano Seamen, Paris Musketeers, Helvetic Guards and Fehérvár Enthroners. Get yourself a ticket on ticketmaster.

What are the goals of the European League of Football?

The European League of Football has the goal to show the football fans European top football with top franchises. We want to stage the sport as an event that will get the media attention and distribution throughout Europe and the world that it really deserves. Football now has the chance to become more professional and to catchup with the most important sports in Europe.