Weekly roster moves: Centurions sign former Division I running back Joshua Mack and more  

The 2-5 Cologne Centurions use their remaining American-import spot on offense for former Division I running back Joshua Mack!

July 28, 2022
Tim Hanswillemenke
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Weekly roster moves: Centurions sign former Division I running back Joshua Mack and more  
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This week marks the last chance for any franchise to sign players outside of the quarterback position. Did your team make the right moves to be competitive for the rest of the 2022 season?

Let’s have a look at the latest roster moves around the league!  

North Conference

·      WR Tobias Nill: Inactive for Week 9

·      DT Evans Yeboah: Inactive for Week 9

·      RB Gerald Ameln: Inactive for Week 9

·      DB Louis Müller: Inactive for Week 9

·      WR Kamil Müller: Placed on injured-reserve list 

·      K Dawid Panczyszyn: Placed on injured-reserve list

·      DT Jakub Zmaczynski: Parted Ways 

·      DB Andrei Karmakskikh: Signed by the Panthers 

·      K Filip Twardowski: Signed by the Panthers 

·      RB Jan Szweij: Signed by the Panthers 

·      WR Naji El-Ali: Signed by the Thunder 

·      OL Marco Gudding: Signed by the Kings 

·      WR Nils Baeumer: Placed on injured-reserve list

·      FB Morten Runne: Parted Ways 

·      OL Max Bruder: Parted Ways 

·      DL Vincent Buffet: Released 


Central Conference

·      K Jonata Loria: Re-signed by the Surge

·      QB Janis Kaiser: Signed by the Surge 

·      RB Luca Weis: Signed by the Surge 

·      QB Michael Winterlik: Placed on injured-reserve list

·      RB Nicko-Hans Schuster: Released

·      LB Moriz Elmauthaler: Out for season due to injury 

·      DT Maxi Müllner: Out for season due to injury


·      LB Julian Perfler: Activated for Week 9


·      DT Tim Wüstefeld: Signed by the Galaxy 

·      DB Maximilian Kranz: Out for season due to injury 

·      S Falk Reuter: Activated for Week 9

·      CB Simon Otto: Activated for Week 9 


South Conference


·      S Ufuk Eren Özelce: Activated for Week 9

·      LB Talat Gökhan Bulusan: Activated for Week 9 

·      OL Alper Kurtulus: Placed on injured-reserve list

·      OL Orhun Feyzi Akbudak: Placed on injured-reserve list

·      QB Ahmet Can Inan: Released 

·       DT Mandy Uwadilachi: Released 

·      LB Selahattin Saka: Out for season due to injury 

·      RB Aytac Mercan: Out for season due to injury 

·      DB Ahmet Tlha Bercin: Signed by the Rams 

·      OL Ismail Can Balta: Signed by the Rams 

·      S Mateusz Dzioban: Signed by the Rams

·      RB Berkan Esme: Signed by the Rams

·      K Daniel Schumacher: Released 

·      K Sebastian von Santen: Released 

·      WR Jakob Bojko: Released 

·      OL Jan-Niclas Dalbeck: Released 

·      RB Jason Aguemon: Released 

·      OL Florian Kallwitz: Signed by Rhein Fire

·      WR Mohamed Aziz Rebai: Signed by Rhein Fire

·      DT Maximilian Loetz: Signed by Rhein Fire

·      K Danny Ralf Lange: Signed by Rhein Fire

·      RB Noah Kölling: Signed by Rhein Fire

·      LB Dylan Bakker: Signed by Rhein Fire

·      DL Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe: Signed by Rhein Fire

·      RB Joshua Mack (A): Signed by the Centurions 

·       LB Jonell Patrice Pelie: Signed by the Centurions

·      LB Sango-Erume Vogel: Placed on injured-reserve list 

·      LB Maximilian Oebels: Activated for Week 9

·      LB Marius Kensy: Activated for Week 9

·      S Mark Scherenberg: Activated for Week 9

·      S Ibrahim Eldewieh: Activated for Week 9

·      S Dany Lamy: Activated for Week 9

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