European League of Football pushes pre-season forward to April 29th

Teams start preparation for the 2023 season in June.

April 24, 2023
European League of Football Communications
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European League of Football pushes pre-season forward to April 29th
The European League of Football pushes pre-season forward. © European League of Football

The European League of Football is a month away from the start of the season on June 3. The Cologne Centurions and the Paris Musketeers (5 P.M.), the Panthers Wrocław and the Hamburg Sea Devils (5 P.M.), the Fehérvár Enthroners and Berlin Thunder (5 P.M.),and the Barcelona Dragons and the Helvetic Guards (7 P.M.) will have the honor ofopening the third season of the Champions League of European football on June 3. On June 4, the duels between Munich Ravens and Raiders Tirol (1 P.M.), Prague Lions and Leipzig Kings (4:25 P.M.), and Rhein Fire and Frankfurt Galaxy (4:25 P.M.) are on the schedule. The games in Munich and Duisburg will be broadcast live on free TV by ProSieben MAXX.


In preparation for the 2023 season, the European League of Football has also pushed the pre-season start forward to April 29th to give the franchises an opportunity to organize another mini-camp on this exact weekend. From this date onwards, all players – including import players – are allowed to train with the team. Homegrown players were allowed to train in Organized Team Activities already. Franchises are also allowed to have combined practices and scrimmages in the pre-season. Scrimmages are registered friendly European League of Football matchups with league officials involved.

Scrimmages already planned for the upcoming pre-season are:

·        Hamburg Sea Devils at Leipzig Kings on May 20th

·        Helvetic Guards at Paris Musketeers on May 20th and May 21st

·        Prague Lions at Raiders Tirol on May 20th

With Frankfurt Galaxy, Hamburg Sea Devils, Berlin Thunder, Cologne Centurions, Stuttgart Surge and Leipzig Kings from Germany, Panthers Wrocław (Poland) and Barcelona Dragons from Spain, eight founding members of the European League of Football are already entering their third season. With Rhein Fire (Germany), last year's champion Vienna Vikings and the Raiders Tirol from Austria, three franchises are entering their second season. Newcomers are the Paris Musketeers (France), the Helvetic Guards (Switzerland), the Fehérvár Enthroners (Hungary), the Prague Lions (Czech Republic), the Milano Seamen (Italy) and the Munich Ravens (Germany). They all have one big goal: the Championship Game on September 24th in Duisburg.


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