Jul 4th 16:00, by Tim Hanswillemenke

Week 5 Power Ranking – Surge stay in Top 3, Musketeers re-enter Top 10

Let's see where all teams rank before Week 6 kicks off!

Jul 4th 16:00, by Tim Hanswillemenke

Week 5 Power Ranking – Surge stay in Top 3, Musketeers re-enter Top 10

Let's see where all teams rank before Week 6 kicks off!

After Week 5 is in the books, the third European League of Football season begins to take shape. Let’s see where I rank the teams before Week 6 kicks off!

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Another week, another win. Rhein Fire stays on top after not allowing a single point on the board against the Helvetic Guards. There should be no discussion about the best team in this league at the moment.

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The Vikings pick up another win on the road, although their performance was overshadowed with mistakes. Three turnovers in the first half alone were not Viking-like. Of course, the end result was nothing else than a clear victory by the Austrian franchise. But against the now 0-5 Enthroners, the Vikings showed some nerves here and there.

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Changing your starting quarterback after Week 3 is no big deal if you are the Stuttgart Surge. Former Cologne Centurions quarterback Jan Weinreich stepped in and delivered with three total touchdowns on the day. They deserve to stay in the top three

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The Raiders dominated the Milano Seamen in Week 5. Although they have lost former New York Giants running back Sandro Platzgummer for the remainder of the season due to a torn ACL and meniscus, the Austrian franchise did not miss a step and continued to deliver. The Raiders are 4-1 for a reason!

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The Frankfurt Galaxy controlled the game against the Centurions, but their offense had a tough time dealing with the Cologne defense. However, it was just Cluley’s second game with the Galaxy in which he had a solid performance with one touchdown on no interception.

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The Berlin Thunder used their new quarterback Slade Jarman to play to their strengths. The American signal-caller arrived in Berlin on Wednesday and has now won the MVP of the Week award. With five touchdown passes and no interceptions, Jarman balled out. This is just the type of player and the type of play calling the Berlin Thunder needed with such a talented and deep receiver room. If they continue to play like this, the Thunder could even crack the top five again.

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The Panthers are 4-1, but had a tough time against the Prague Lions. I only move them down one spot because they got the win at the end. Nevertheless, the Panthers have to look out when it comes to their run defense. Giving up over 250 rushing yards in only one game is just too much. Watch out for opponents to exploit this apparent weakness in future games. 

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The Musketeers move up three spots after their glorious win over the Hamburg Sea Devils. It seemed like the French team finally played according to their talent on paper. Former Barcelona Dragons quarterback Zach Edwards had his first four-touchdown game without an interception this season. If the Musketeers continue to develop in the right direction, they definitely have the potential to reach the playoffs.

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The Sea Devils had a solid game once again, but their opponent just found a way to win. The Sea Devils were not able to dominate the Musketeers with their talented defensive line which resulted into no sacks against quarterback Zach Edwards and four passing touchdowns against them.

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The Munich Ravens played a tough opponent this weekend. The Stuttgart Surge were just too good of a team to beat for the Bavarian franchise. Eleven penalties for 72 yards were a major factor for the Ravens as those negative yards put them in difficult situations on various drives.

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The 2-2 Barcelona Dragons had a bye week but still move down one spot because the Musketeers deserve to be in the top ten again. However, I am confident that the Dragons will walk away with a win against the Guards this Sunday. 

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The Milano Seamen stood no chance against the Tirol Raiders which was suggested by the previous ranking of both teams. The Raiders are a clear playoff contender while the Seamen are still trying to get used to playing in the European League of Football.  

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The Cologne Centurions lost against the Frankfurt Galaxy in Week 5 although producing more total yards (259) and having more time of possession (33:03). However, three interceptions by quarterback Judd Erickson were the deciding factor which lost the Centurions the game. So, it is still the offense that holds Cologne back from being a possible playoff contender.

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The Leipzig Kings were overpowered by the Berlin Thunder on Sunday. Two turnovers and a great performance by new Thunder quarterback Slade Jarman were just too much for the Saxon-based franchise. 

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The Lions move up one spot despite their loss against the Panthers because of the mentality they displayed on Sunday. The Czech team never gave up and fought their way back into the game several times. A drop by wide receiver Victor Wharton in the fourth quarter ended their comeback hopes. But it was still an inspiring performance by the Lions on which they should build on.

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The Fehérvár Enthroners lost again, but they keep getting better and better. Against the reigning Champions, the Hungarian franchise was able to force five fumbles of which they recovered three in the first half. They also were able to put up 220 total offensive yards and only received five penalties for 35 yards compared to six penalties for 106 yards for the Vikings. I know it was not the best game the Vikings have played this season, but the Enthroners deserve some respect for the fighting mentality they have displayed in this game.

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The Helvetic Guards drop two spots after scoring no points for a second game in a row. The Swiss franchise currently plays without a functioning quarterback on offense which puts them completely out of contention!

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