Honors Show - MVP winner announced and more

The European League of Football has announced the 2022 award winners ahead of the Championship Game.

September 24, 2022
Chris Hahn
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Honors Show - MVP winner announced and more
Sean Shelton is the MVP. © Jonas Wicker

The European League of Football has awarded players and coaches of this year for phenomenal performances.

This years Assistant coach of the Year has developed a beautiful offense:

ACOY: Kyle Callahan, Offensive Coordinator, Raiders Tirol

Mr. Automatic for the Hamburg Sea Devils. This guy does it all. The Specialist of the Year:

SPOY: Eric Schlomm, Kicker and Punter, Hamburg Sea Devils

A leader and a 21-year old warrior is the Defensive Rookie of the Year:

DROY: Atilla Isik, Cornerback, Istanbul Rams

Huge framed receiver with a big future. The Offensive Rookie of the Year:

OROY: Anton Jallai, Wide Receiver, Leipzig Kings

Triple-crown in the south. This guy is the Offensive Player of the Year:

OPOY: Kyle Sweet, Wide Receiver, Barcelona Dragons

Back-to-back winner. The Defensive Player of the Year:

DPOY: Kyle Kitchens, Defensive End, Berlin Thunder

Shifty and fast. With 21-years old, he was just impressive as the Rookie of the Year:

ROY: Marco Schneider, Wide Receiver, Raiders Tirol

He turned his franchise from a losing to a winning team. This year's Coach of the Year: 

COY: Andrew Weidinger, Head Coach, Barcelona Dragons

The Most valuable Player is the leader of one of the greatest offenses this year:

MVP: Sean Shelton, Quarterback, Raiders Tirol

He helped Ukrainian refugees across the border. Joined a military convoy and carried medicine and clothes to Ukraine. The Man of the Year:

MOY: Dennis Kenzler, Offensive Line, Hamburg Sea Devils

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