Nov 11th, 2023 09:00, by ELF Network

So much US-power is in the ELF

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Nov 11th, 2023 09:00, by ELF Network

So much US-power is in the ELF

With the NFL hosting games in Germany this year again and Frankfurt Galaxy hosting the Miami Dolphins in their home stadium, American football on the planet moves closer together.

Players heading to the US

As one of the few players overseas, Marcel Dabo, a former ELF player, is also part of the Indianapolis Colts' practice squad since 2022. The 23-year-old defensive back is currently the youngest German player in the NFL and impressed with a strong debut season with Stuttgart Surge, this year's runners-up. The Colts will meet the Patriots on November 12th in Frankfurt, as well.

Coaches joing the ELF

After Jim Tomsula, who recently won the ELF Championship Game with Rhein Fire against Stuttgart Surge, more former US coaches and players are moving to Europe. Cleveland Browns Hall of Famer Joe Thomas will be at the side of the Munich Ravens in the coming season, while the Tirol Raiders recently even introduced Jim Herrmann, a Super Bowl champion, as head coach.

Former NFL coaches also include former Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Andrew Weidinger, now offensive coordinator for the Rhein Fire or Helvetic Guards head coach Norm Chow, former offensive coordinator for the Tennessee Titans.

All current and previous coaches with an NFL background:

Ted Daisher (Eagles, Raiders, Browns) – Hamburg Sea Devils 2021
Charles Jones (Dolphins, Panthers, Browns) – Hamburg Sea Devils 2022-2023
Jim Tomsula (49ers, Redskins, Cowboys) – Rhein Fire 2022 – still
Andrew Weidinger (Falcons, Buccaneers) – Barcelona Dragons 2022, Rhein Fire 2023 – still
Norm Chow (Titans) – Helvetic Guards 2023 – still
Bob Palcic (Falcons, Lions, Browns, Saints) – Helvetic Guards 2023 – still
Pete Metzelaars (Colts, Bills, Chargers) – Helvetic Guards 2023 – still
Mike Wilson (Raiders, Cardinals, Browns) – Helvetic Guards 2023 – still
Don Clemons (Lions) – Helvetic Guards – still
John Shoop (Panthers, Bears, Buccaneers, Raiders) – Munich Ravens 2023
Paul Dunn (Texans, Browns, Falcons) – Munich Ravens 2023 – still
Jaime Hill (49ers) – Fehérvár Enthroners 2023 – still
George Streeter (49ers, Browns, Raiders) – Stuttgart Surge 2022 – still
Rip Scherer (Browns, Panthers, Chargers) – Madrid Bravos 2024
Jim Herrmann (Jets, Giants, Colts) – Tirol Raiders 2024

It's still a long way to go for European American football, but it is certainly heading in the right direction.


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