Five questions for the head coach

After six games played, Centurion's HC Frank Roser looks at the progress so far, the past game against Düsseldorf and the upcoming game against Frankfurt.

July 15, 2022
Daniel Maria
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Question 1: How would you summarize the game against Rhein Fire in one sentence?

HC Roser: Light and Shadow.

Question 2: The defense looked really good against Düsseldorf. Were there any changes in personnel, tactical adjustments or did the lads just play with more fire as desired?

HC Roser: The defense has improved a lot and delivered the best game of the season so far. She played with more fire and showed what she's made of. We have good guys there and we've been able to show that they're good at times in past games, but unfortunately never consistently. It worked this time.

Question 3: The offense had a racquet start at the beginning of the season. She hasn't really "floated" in recent games. What has to change so that she can get going again against Frankfurt?

HC Roser: The offense has to regain its old strength and implement what we can. Of course elevations play a role, and since we don't have a second American on offense yet, many defenses are more focused on fifths as well. That's our turn.

Question 4: What is your personal goal in the game against the Galaxy?

HC Roser: My personal goal is that we play good football with offense, defense and special teams at the same time. We can do that, and we have to make it happen.

Question 5: Half of the season is over. What can fans expect from the Centurions in the second half?

HC Roser: The first half of the season is over and we're not where we wanted to be. I believe it's always important to focus on what you can control. I cannot change the past or determine the future. All I can really control is this moment. I tell the players that too. Control what you can control. Watch the video, watch your diet, get the treatment your body needs and do your best. When we do that, good things happen. We're concentrating on the next game and we'll keep doing our best. If we implement that in every training session and game, anything is possible.

Foto: Frederik Löwer

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