JPD Camp 2021 - Recap

The first European League of Football “Junior Player Development Camp” is over and it was a huge success. Over 100 children were participating in the three-day camp from 26th to 28th July in Hamburg. In cooperation with the American Football and Cheerleading Association of Hamburg and all the football-clubs included in that association, coaches came together to develop the youth.

Youngsters totally new to football as well as children already playing for the clubs were enjoying the good conditions on the Pioneers football field in the City Park of Hamburg. Learning the basics, the youth was coached equally by club representatives and Hamburg Sea Devils players and coaches providing knowledge to all the girls and boys at the camp.

This event was made possible by several sponsors the league wants to thank: DAK Gesundheit, Ostmost, Flyeralarm, Orthopädikum Neuer Wall, novel media, EDEKA Niemerszein and Statics. Further appreciation goes to the clubs for cooperating: Hamburg Pioneers, Hamburg Ravens, Hamburg Blue Devils, Hamburg Swans, Hamburg United and Hamburg Huskies.

Invest in the youth:

On three different days, there was action from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day includingfree catering for all the kids participating. It started with warm-ups beforethe individual groups circulated from station to station, getting to know all thedifferent aspects to the game we love. The boys and girls learned techniques ofcatching, throwing, running, kicking, and most importantly, how to work as ateam. Whether tall or short, big or small, and regardless of skin color andheritage, football unites. At this camp, everyone supported each other which createda great community. More camps are planned for the coming years in differentcities to continue the youth work and to cooperate with the clubs.

Registration deadline

Thank you for your interest - currently we cannot accept any further registrations.

Details on the last Trainingscamp

1. Location

Hamburg Pioneers Field
Jahnring 26
22297 Hamburg

2. Date

3 Tage Camp: 26.-28 Juli daily von 10:00-16:00 Uhr

3. Participants

Kinder in the age of 10 to 16 Jahren

4. Describtion

The JPD-Camp is there to bring basics of American Football to all guys and girls interested. The main focus of the camp is to get to know the sport and to learn American Football in a playful way. Basic techniques are taught in order to create a basis on which to build further if interested. Under the direction of Andreas Nommensen and Kendral Ellison, supported by the AFCV Hamburg e.V., three days of football are offered.

5. Additional services (included)

  • Full board on all three camp days

  • Camp T-shirt printed with logo

  • European League of Football Goodie-Bag and T-Shirt

  • Image recordings, which will be made available to all participants afterwards

6. Contact person for questions

Mo. – Fr. 10:00 to 17:00 Uhr
European League of Football GmbH

Fotos: Michael Freitag

AgB Feriencamp