What are the next moves for the Cologne Centurions?

What needs to change after parting ways with coach Carter.

March 27, 2023
Dominik Krauss
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What are the next moves for the Cologne Centurions?
The Cologne Centurions will need to adress some topics before the start of the 2023 season. ©Marc Junge

After the Cologne Centurions parted ways with head coach Kahlil Carter two weeks ago, there are some things to address for the 2021 playoff participant.

The most glaring question mark is the coaching situation. Offensive coordinator Christos Lambropoulos will take over the head coach position on an interim basis. But what does that mean for the future? Will the Centurions bring in another head coach on short notice or stick with their 33-year-old offensive coordinator?


Lambropoulos is a well-respected, young coach that could establish a winning culture in Cologne, like he did with the Saarland Hurricanes. In his first year as the head coach, Saarland played the most successful season in franchise history, reaching the GFL semifinals with an 9-3 record. Lambropoulos was voted GFL Coach of the Year after the season.

Christos Lambropoulos will be the team's interim head coach.©Frederik Löwer

Regardless of the route the franchise will go, the Centurions need to finally address their defensive struggles. Although they reached the playoffs in 2021, the team ranked among the two worst in the league in every major defensive category. But instead of fixing the issue, it got even worse in 2022. The team allowed over 4800 yards and 56 touchdowns on defense, being once again the second worst unit in the European League of Football. If the Centurions want to have a chance in arguably the strongest conference in the whole league, the defense needs to step up.


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