Top Signings of the Week – Ravens snatch tackling machine and more

Do you wonder what players were the real steals this past week? Then this is just the right place for you!

February 25, 2023
Tim Hanswillemenke
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Top Signings of the Week – Ravens snatch tackling machine and more
Prague Lions linebacker Emmanuel Falola playing for the British national team. © Prague Lions/Emmanuel Falola

The European League of Football heads towards its third season. All 17 franchises are looking for the best players available in Europe and from around the world. But what franchise won this past week with its mind-blowing signings?  

Munich Ravens lock down American tackling machine

With one of their signings this week, the Munich Ravens could have silently added the 2023 Defensive Player of the Year to their roster.

Last year’s tackle leader of the German Football League, Amin Black, takes the next step of his football journey and joins the Munich Ravens for the upcoming season. The 23-year-old came fresh out of college before he signed with the Marburg Mercenaries.

With Black’s freakish combination of size, athleticism, drive, and instinct, he definitely has Defensive Player of the Year qualities. Will Kyle Kitchens have a new competitor for the defensive throne?

Have you seen this yet?

Raiders extend former CFL defensive end

The Raiders have extended former CFL defensive end Niklas Gustav. This move is underrated although Gustav was responsible for ten sacks and 15 tackles for loss in 2022. Gustav had much more impact as a pass rusher and run stopper as those stats give him credit for. So, it was only plausible for the Raiders to bring back the freakish Austrian.

Together with a promising backfield, the Raiders defense could produce above average numbers since their cornerstone of last season in Gustav returned.

Lions sign promising NFL International Combine Invitee

The Prague Lions organization shined again this week by signing former NFL International Combine attendee Emmanuel Falola. The British linebacker started for the Coventry University from 2018 to 2019 and has won back-to-back championships with his team while leading his team in tackles.

Falola’s athleticism earned him an invitation by the NFL to attend the NFL International Combine twice. On top of that, Falola already worked out at the CFL Combine as well.

In his first year playing American football outside of England, the British athlete looks to make an impact with his physical assets as a linebacker for the Prague Lions!


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