Top Signings of the Week – Raiders Tirol sign living cheat code and more

Do you wonder what players were the real steals this past week? Then this is just the right place for you!

December 3, 2022
Tim Hanswillemenke
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Top Signings of the Week – Raiders Tirol sign living cheat code and more
Guards QB Collin Hill and Raiders WR Jarvis McClam are amongst the top signings of last week! © Ben Cziesla / Nigel Amstrock CU Independent

The European League of Football heads towards its third season. All 18 franchises are looking for the best players available in Europe and from around the world. But what franchise won this past week with its powerful moves?  

Raiders Tirol sign living cheat code in WR Jarvis McClam  

Once the news broke about American wide receiver Jarvis McClam signing with the Raiders Tirol, I instantly thought of him as one of the best wide receivers in the league.

The 185cm tall and 93kg heavy wide receiver combines toughness, quickness, and incredible ball skills to offer his quarterback a complete package as a pass catcher. After playing at Seton Hill from 2013 to 2017, McClam played his way from Brisbane, Australia, all the way to the highest club-level of American football in Germany.

Now, the shifty wide receiver joins the Raiders Tirol as one of the most talented playmakers the European League of Football has to offer in 2023.  

Helvetic Guards sign QB with highest ceiling in the league  

The Helvetic Guards popped up on my list last week with the signing of Tim Hänni. But by signing former Division I quarterback Collin Hill, the Swiss franchise just made another splash move.

The 198cm tall quarterback started for Colorado State as a true freshman and later transferred to the University of South Carolina during the COVID-pandemic. He even had a scheduled tryout with the Cincinnati Bengals in the NFL after his collegiate career was over.

Now, Hill looks like a quarterback who has the athletic ability combined with a lot of experience at the highest college football level to be the quarterback with the highest ceiling next season. Meaning, Hill could easily be talked about as the best quarterback of the European League of Football when the 2023 season comes to an end.

However, Hill had some serious knee injuries over his active career already. So, his health is one of the major concerns with him. But if the Division I product manages to stay healthy, the Guards got away with a real steal at the most important position in football!  

Have you seen this yet?

Paris Football Team continues its MAGICAL offseason run  

Paris did it again?! After the signing of 2022 triple-crown winner Kyle Sweet, the Paris Football Team shocked the European League of Football world!

But now, the French franchise dropped some breaking news again as the team managed to sign former Barcelona Dragons quarterback Zach Edwards for the 2023 season.

Sweet and Edwards were arguably the best QB-WR duo in the league last year and now have the chance to keep building their chemistry in France next year!

Edwards himself leads the European League of Football in all-time passing yards with 5839 and 57 passing touchdowns which he recorded over his two season with the Dragons. If this is not a top signing, I don’t know what is.

Munich Ravens try to fly with proven WR in town

One of the more underrated but not less important singings of the week was Munich Ravens’ new wide receiver Marvin Rutsch. In 2021, Rutsch won the European League of Football Champion with his former team and now joins the Munich Ravens in 2023!

Over his two seasons with the Galaxy, Rutsch recorded 82 receptions for 775 yards and eight total touchdowns. He even had the third-highest catch rate amongst all wide receivers in the league with over 30 receptions (77.4%) in his latest season.

In his first year with the Ravens, Rutsch will provide his new team with experience and leadership throughout their very first season amongst the best American football teams in Europe!

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