the niu remains official hotel sponsor of the European League of Football

Down, set, hut: The European League of Football and the niu continue their partnership

May 25, 2023
European League of Football Communications
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the niu remains official hotel sponsor of the European League of Football

With the start of the new season at the beginning of June 2023, the young lifestyle brand the niu is the official hotel partner of the sport American Football, more precisely the European League of Football. The young league presents the niu for the second year in a row. the niu is the urban brand of the hotel group NOVUM Hospitality with has currently 40 hotels incentral European locations.

A temporary home

With the niu, the European League of Football and its teams find a suitable hotel partner in many cities where the league plays. Players, staff, fans and friends have the opportunity to stay in one of the hotel group's hotels in Germany, Spain and Austria. Combining getting to know a new city with a high-profile sporting event, while becoming the temporary home for fans and teams, is the goal of both partners.

"We are very excited to once again welcome the European League of Football, its teams and fans as an official partner in our hotels. Being part of this series of great sporting events and providing travelers with the perfect starting point for their experiences in European metropolises with our hotels fits perfectly with the vision of our company and our brand the niu," explains David Etmenan, Chief Executive Officer & Owner NOVUM Hospitality. "We also live the team idea in our hotels: team spirit, diversity and the joy of shared success accompany us in our daily work and show that the topic of team work has a high priority at the niu."

The perfect hotel for a game day

Native, inspiring, urban - that's what the niu stands for. The brand comprises an innovative midscale hotel concept that ties in with the lifestyle of today's society. The hotels' design is inspired by the location and its history. Intelligent room concept stake guests on an exciting journey while offering a comfortable stay. This is what distinguishes the niu hotels, and the same is true for the European League of Football: both brands aim to become an integral part of the neighborhood community. Both connect and network locals and in turn bring them together with other communities.

"The cooperation with NOVUM Hospitality offers the European League of Football, its fans and employees the opportunity to feel at home in European cities," says European League of Football Managing Director Zeljko Karajica. "I am delighted that the niu will continue to actively support us in 2023."

Football spirits meets holistic hotel experience

In addition to advertising space in the football stadiums and perimeter advertising - many games are broadcast on Pro7MAXX - social media campaigns and online collaborations are also planned. In the corresponding the niuhotels, the football spirit will become part of the holistic hotel experience,enriching the stay of fans, teams as well as all hotel guests.

"With this partnership, we reach an exciting target group that fits our hotel brand the niu and will also take advantage of the other offers and benefits of our hotel group," explains David Etmenan, Chief Executive Officer & Owner NOVUM Hospitality.

With champions Vienna Vikings, Raiders Tirol from Austria, finalists Hamburg Sea Devils, Berlin Thunder, Rhein Fire, Cologne Centurions, Stuttgart Surge, Frankfurt Galaxy,Munich Ravens and Leipzig Kings from Germany, Wrocław Panthers(Poland), the BarcelonaDragons (Spain), Paris Musketeers (France), Fehérvár Enthroners (Hungary), Prague Lions (Czech Republic) and the Helvetic Guards (Switzerland) and the Milano Seamen (Italy) the league is present in nine countries with 17 teams. All franchises have one big goal: The Championship Game in Duisburgon September 24.

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About the niu

Sustainable, inspiring, urban - that's what the niu stands for. The brand encompasses a novel midscale hotelconcept that ties in with the lifestyle of today's society. The the niu hotels all tell stories from motifs that only exist on site. Inspired by the location and shaped by art, zeitgeist and history. the niu hotels are alive! Guests are no longer drawn only to their rooms. The open Living Lobby, including an innovative co-working area, invites guests to work and linger. The social network is a living reality: The free space in the hotel is shared with each other and merges seamlessly. Smart and sensible room concepts with sophisticated bathrooms take the guest on an exciting journey and offer a comfortable stay. NOVUM Hospitality already operates 40 the niu hotels withover 7,600 rooms of the brand, founded in 2017, in central locations. Over 15 the niu hotels with more than 4,500 rooms are currently in the planning stage across Europe.

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