Stuttgart Surge add experienced German linebacker Thomas Frach

The 30-year-old linebacker Thomas Frach joins the Stuttgart Surge in 2023 from the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns in the GFL.

February 15, 2023
Chris Hahn
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Stuttgart Surge add experienced German linebacker Thomas Frach
Thomas Frach is joining the Surge. © Unknown

The Stuttgart Surge have added German linebacker Thomas Frach to their defense for the next season. Frach has been playing football since 2006, while previously being active for the Schwäbsich Hall Unicorns. At 1,90 m and 115 kg, the lengthy defender started for the Danube Hammers in the region of Stuttgart, joining the Stuttgart Scorpions before going to the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns in the GFL. He won one German Bowl and one international club Championship in 2021.

"We will mix up the playoffs"

Frach is happy to join the European League of Football in 2023: “I started my football career under the TV tower in Stuttgart and was able to play at the highest level in Germany for years! But I’m not done yet! I am excited to become a part of the Stuttgart Surge and continue to prove myself at this level and be a part of this organization! This year we will mix up the playoffs,” 30-year-old Frach is quoted.

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Defense loaded with quality

Looking at a linebacker corps filled with playmakers, Frach is another high-quality player, adding additional depth. With Khaylan Kearse-Thomas, Nikolas Knoblauch, or Giuseppe Della Vecchia in place at linebacker, having help over the top and underneath, this defense of Johannes Brenner looks ready to make a playoff run. After last season’s disappointments, the Surge has added a lot of quality, including Mitch Fettig, Goran Zec or Simon Butsch for a season that could include the most quality players Europe has seen in 15 years.

Other players being added to the roster in the last days were Alexander Hofer (DL), Maximilian Merwarth (FB) or Martin Mörber (CB).


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