Starting on November 1st - Free Agency Preview

The European League of Football free agency period begins tomorrow! Learn everything about the new rules and potential landing spots for high-caliber players.

October 31, 2022
Dominik Krauss
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Starting on November 1st - Free Agency Preview
Former Wroclaw Panthers defensive back Darius Robinson is on the move for 2023. © Łukasz Skwiot

Rule changes coming up

With the start of the European League of Football free agency on November 1st, there are some roster rule changes that will might come up in the upcoming period. This will likely force the franchises to make some changes as well.

Free agency starting now

Starting on November 1st, franchises are allowed to negotiate contracts with players that were on a European League of Football roster last season, while franchises were already allowed to talk to players from lower leagues and own players since the end of the previous season. There are many exciting moves to be made, so let’s look into some.

Who will sign defensive back Darius Robinson?

Darius Robinson remains one of the best cornerbacks in the European League of Football. The former Clemson Tiger has been the face of the Wroclaw Panthers for the past two seasons, so his departure from the Polish franchise came as a surprise to many. But where will he end up? Robinson is an interesting option, especially for new franchises. His personality and leadership could make him an intriguing piece for a franchise like the Munich Ravens. But those traits might also be interesting for established franchises that are looking to take the next step like the Berlin Thunder. Regardless of where the Clemson co-captain will end up, his secondary will definitely take a big leap forward.

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Quarterback Zach Edwards: All-time passing leader on the move?

After two years in Barcelona with two different head coaches and play callers, Zach Edwards might be looking for a fresh start it 2023. With suitors pretty much everywhere, the MVP candidate will have to pick his poison. Especially teams like Hamburg or Stuttgart that have been lacking good quarterback, as well as the Tirol Raiders, who lost reigning MVP Sean Shelton to retirement, will be out hunting for a difference maker like Edwards.

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Stuttgart Surge: Winners of free agency?

With the hiring of Jordan Neuman, the Stuttgart Surge are one of the most attractive landing spots for free agents. With a great location, a tremendous fan base and maybe the best head coach in Europe, the Swabian franchise will be looking to add big-time players to their roster. This change of leadership might make the Surge attractive for players that have been part of the organization in their inaugural season. Names that come to mind are 2021 Rookie of the Year Louis Geyer, who had just an average season in Cologne, or standout linebacker Zachary Blair, who has been an impact player for the franchise in 2021, as well as the leader of the Istanbul Rams in 2022.

With many options, one thing is for certain. This free agency period will see some big-time signings that will change the European League of football landscape dramatically.

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