Signing Deadline: NFL players make the move to the league

Signing deadline finished for the European League of Football!

August 4, 2022
Chris Hahn
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Signing Deadline: NFL players make the move to the league
Dominique Shelton was released by the Raiders Tirol and immediately picked up by the Berlin Thunder. © Flo Mitteregger

This week marks the last chance for any franchise to sign players outside of the quarterback position. Did your team make the right moves to be competitive for the rest of the 2022 season?

Let’s have a look at the latest roster moves around the league!  

Northern Conference

·      LB Dustin Mohrdieck: Released
·      RB Gerald Ameln: Activated for Week 11
·      WR Tobias Nill: Activated for Week 11
·      DT Evans Yeboah: Activated for Week 11
·      DT André Rieckenberg: Signed
·      QB Johann Heuck: Signed

·      LB Jeremy Sommerwerk: Parted Ways
·      DB Robby Kendall: Out for season due to injury
·      DB Maceo Beard: Out for season due to injury
·      LB Rene Schulze: Signed
·      LB Dominique Shelton: Signed
·      DB Courtney Etienne: Signed

·     RB Javier Carrasco Sanz: Parted ways
·     OL Marco Gudding: Parted ways
·     DB Paolo Sargeni: Signed
·     DE Jorge Aparicio: Signed
·     OL Rodriguez Vicente Nafli Reynaldo: Signed
·     WR Nils Baeumer: Out for season due to injury

·     RB Adam Skakowski: Released
·     WR Tomasz Dziedzic: Released
·     DT Misiona Aiolupotea-Pei: Released
·     DT Dušan Novaković: Signed
·     WR Idriss Ramky: Signed

Central Conference

·     OL Kai Wullbrandt: Part ways
·     LB Calvin Schuld: Party ways
·     DB Joshua Poznanski: Activated
·     RB Nick Kaufmann: Signed
·     OL Nils Hampel: Signed
·     OL Yannick Kiehl: Out for season due to injury

·     WR Idriss Ramky: Released
·     OL Robin Häberle: Released
·     QB Michael Winterlik: Released
·     RB Janis Hackenberg: Released
·     WR Frederic Latour: Released
·     DB Julian Jakob: Released
·     WR Moritz Riedinger: Released
·     OL Benhur Ayra: Parted ways
·     RB Philéas Pasqualini: Signed
·     OL Abdelghafour Sedik: Signed

·     LB Enzo Mensah: Out for season due to injury
·     OL David Rauter: Signed
·     OL Florian Markus: Signed
·     LB Josip Gazibaric: Signed
·     DB Paul Schachner: Signed
·     LB Sebastian Ernst: Signed
·     OL Daniel Pozarek: Signed
·     DB Zoltan Golita: Signed
·     DE Felix Macher: Signed

·     DB Dominique Shelton: Released
·     OL Josef Fuksa: Released
·     DE Elijah Böhm: Signed
·     DT Philipp Löffelberg: Signed
·     TE Thomas Langecker: Signed
·     DB Jamalcolm Liggins: Signed (former Philadelphia Eagles)
·     DL VIncent Buffet: Signed
·     DE Thomas Schaffer: Signed (former Chicago Bears)

Southern Conference

·     DE Burak Tatar: Signed
·     OL Sebastian Bal: Signed
·     DE Anthony Abandzounou: Signed
·     OL Orhun Akbudak: Activated
·     OL Alper Kurtuluş: Activated
·     WR Alihan Ağaçkesen: Activated
·     LB Aykut Aslan: Out for season due to injury

·     RB Kaan Özcan: Signed
·     QB
Jonas Schmelzer: Signed

·     DT Arkady Naus: Activated
·     WR
Sango-Erume Vogel: Activated

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