OTAs and Pre-Season Start: How Teams Prepare for the Season

The European League of Football is having their first real off-season – let's have a look how the roadmap looks like until June 4th.

March 30, 2022
Chris Hahn
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Leander Wiegand, Aaron Donkor & Chris Mohr as well as Marcel Dabo. © Private / Michael Freitag

Camps: All teams are handling their businesses differently. Some teams are already done with their roster, others are still looking for talented players or are still weighing their options.

While May 1st marks the date where all teams must set their full rosters, meanwhile OTAs (Organized Team Activities) take place and teams let us have a look into it.


The LeipzigKings had their last try out on March 27th.

Stuttgart Surge still doing a lot of work to find the best possible players, while planning their last combine on April 9th and last Camp on April 24th:


Cologne Centurions build their team-spirit, just planning OTAs until May 1st like this one:


A camp at the end of April for the Barcelona Dragons to have some roster spots sorted out, for example trying to fill the eight international positions – more about that here.


Istanbul Rams had their last try out on March 27th as well:

Hamburg Sea Devils will likely be able to complete their roster soon. With some spots missing, just OTAs are planned like this one:


To secure the competitive balance, all franchises are allowed to involve all Import players from May 1st, as it marks the date where all voluntary pratices are switched to mandatory practices with all players involved. If players want to be part of the program during the season, the fight starts no later than now. Rosters will only have 50 players on gamedays, these spots will be contested each week with players on the practice squad and even new players coming in. This year, new players can still be signed until Week 9 of the regular season.


Road Map to Season 2022:


Full Month of April : OTAs of all franchises – franchises getting their roster set


May 1st: Start of Pre-Season, full rosters must be set, mandatory practices start


June 4th: Start of the 2022 Regular Season

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