NFL star and Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith joins investor group of Barcelona Dragons

The 2023 season of the European League of Football is already off to a good start.

May 23, 2023
European League of Football Communication
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NFL star and Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith joins investor group of Barcelona Dragons
Malcolm Smith, Super Bowl MVP, joins the Barcelona Dragons as co-owner. © Barcelona Dragons

Just under two weeks before the start of the 2023 season in the European League of Football, the Barcelona Dragons have announced Elite Sports Equity as the new majority shareholder of the franchise. This brings on board Malcolm Smith, another NFL star as well as a Super Bowl champion and MVP, who joins a team from the continental league as part of an investor group.

A former NFL player in the European League of Football

"We are pleased for the Dragons' owners to have Elite Sports Equity as a strong partner on their side. This represents a milestone for the franchise inparticular. However, it also shows that with the European League of Football, we have succeeded in becoming a brand with great appeal just two years after it was founded," says the league's Managing Director Zeljko Karajica.

"The NFL is the measure of all things in our sport. With Björn Werner in Berlin and Jakob Johnson in Stuttgart, two greats are already co-owning teams in the European League of Football. The fact that they are a part of our league fills us with pride," said Commissioner Patrick Esume. In addition to Malcolm Smith, who played linebacker in the NFL for the Seattle Seahawks, Oakland Raiders, San Francisco 49ers, the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Dallas Cowboys and most recently for the Cleveland Browns, technology entrepreneur Jason Robinson, financial expert Marcelia Freeman, and the real estate developer and former professional golfer Martin Roache were added to the investor group.


"Economic security for the project"

"This is exactly what we've been looking for since day one. People who are betting on us, who have extensive knowledge in this area and who will give us economic security for the project, especially for the future," says Bart Iaccarino, general manager of the Barcelona Dragons.

"We plan to capitalize on the historical importance of the franchise in Barcelona and establish a close connection with the fans to create a shared identity that will help dominate the region. It is our goal to be the gas for the flame, that has been lit," stresses Jason Robinson for Elite Sports Equity.


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