Munich Ravens sign GFL-Allstar Kicker Robert Werner

Robert Werner ist the next player being signed by the Munich franchise and will be responsible for the kicking-game in 2023. With him, the Ravens get another high-caliber recruit from the GFL.

February 3, 2023
Chris Hahn
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Munich Ravens sign GFL-Allstar Kicker Robert Werner
Munich Ravens have signed GFL-Allstar kicker Robert Werner © Munich Ravens

The Munich Ravens have signed former all-time top-scorer Robert Werner of the Munich Cowboys to their team. As three-time All-Star in the German Football League, Werner should lead the Ravens in special teams. For Werner, it is the next step in his long career.

"A great team is coming together"

“The league did a lot of things right, to win top-athletes for them. To compete with the best is definitely an attraction to play there. In conversations with Sean Shelton and coach Shoop, I realized there is something big developing and a team that grows. A great team is coming together, and I am happy to be a part of the Munich Ravens.” Werner said.

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"Rob is one of the best kickers"

Sean Shelton, Director Sports Operations of the Munich Ravens, is excited about the signing of Werner: “Kicking is something, that you should always take care of. Rob is one of the best kickers in Germany for a long time now and I think that it will give us a huge advantage.”

The Munich Ravens further build towards perfecting their roster and with Werner, get consistency in the special teams. Werner is already the 13th All-Star of the GFL getting an opportunity to play in the European League of Football.


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