Monday Mailbag – Less American imports and latest Surge signings

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May 11, 2023
Tim Hanswillemenke
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Monday Mailbag – Less American imports and latest Surge signings
Will the number of American imports ever go down in the future? Find out about my opinion in this article! © European League of Football

The European League of Football is close to its third season. It is finally time to figure out what teams will prevail and reach the championship game in Duisburg on September 24th! Will it be one of the new teams joining the league? Will the Vikings repeat their illustrious success of last season? Who are the best players coming into the season?

Those are questions that you may ask yourself and I am here to give you the best possible answer! If you have a question and want it to be answered in a future article, please look out on the league’s social channels every Monday. Just leave your question on Instagram or Twitter for me to answer!

Cmart_3 (on Instagram): Will the limit on Americans on a team ever go up?

Currently, the European League of Football allows every team to have up to four American import players on their team. Two of those players are allowed to be on the field at the same time. The number of European import players has gone down from eight to only six in 2023.

To your question: I believe the goal should be to someday play without any Americans on a team. So, I do not believe the number of American import players will ever go up. I rather think that the number only goes down as the quality of homegrown and European import players goes up. This would give homegrown players more spotlight.

However, I do believe that reducing the number of American import players in the near future would only hurt the league right now as far as quality of play and entertainment go. At the end, the number of American import players on each team could go down or even stay the same. But I definitely believe that it should not and will not go up in the future.


diego.lyh (on Instagram): How do you rate the new Surge signings of which most are from the Unicorns?

The Stuttgart Surge have recently signed former Minnesota Vikings sixth-round pick Moritz Böhringer to their team. They have also locked up veteran players like 2022 Raiders wide receiver Yannick Mayr for the 2023 season, who also played for the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns just like Böhringer.

Because of the connection between the Surge and the Unicorns, as far as players go, the Stuttgart franchise will probably have a slight advantage at the start of this season. A handful of players are already used to head coach Jordan Neuman, as he was the head coach of the Unicorns over the last few years.

I believe that the Surge will start Week 1 even better as most fans would expect them to.

therealkarlsonvomsport (on Instagram): I need merch!

I hear you! The European League of Football just dropped its new collection for all 17 teams! So go ahead and look for your favorite items right HERE!

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