Monday Mailbag – European delegation vs. NFL team and more

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May 4, 2023
Tim Hanswillemenke
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Monday Mailbag – European delegation vs. NFL team and more
There were a lot of questions coming in on Monday, but these are the three most common ones! © European League of Football

The European League of Football is close to its third season. It is finally time to figure out what teams will prevail and reach the championship game in Duisburg on September 24th! Will it be one of the new teams joining the league? Will the Vikings repeat their illustrious success of last season? Who are the best players coming into the season?

Those are questions that you may ask yourself and I am here to give you the best possible answer! If you have a question and want it to be answered in a future article, please look out on the league’s social channels every Monday. Just leave your question on Instagram or Twitter for me to answer!

Gulde_23 (on Instagram): When does the season start?

The third season of the European League of Football starts on the first weekend of June. So, Week 1 will kick off on June 3rd (Saturday) and on June 4th. Find all dates and every matchup on the Instagram post below.

Sascha.m.269 (on Instagram): Why is Leipzig the worst team in every preseason ranking?

For me, the Leipzig Kings simply have the most question marks out of all 17 teams in the league. Starting with the quarterback, I am not completely sold on Kenyatte Allen. Also, their wide receiver corps is currently on of the youngest in the league with just under 22 years of age in average. Their offensive line also has big question marks with a total experience of five years in the European League of Football.  

On defense, the Kings only re-signed six players from their 2022 roster and just added two players from the Sea Devils who, for me, do not count as impact players. Although the six players who re-signed are all great at what they do, it is always about your weakest link. This is why I have trouble putting the Kings at a higher spot on my latest ranking.

takasxcbeneceimre (on Instagram): Could a European delegation compete with an NFL team?

Simply put: no. Even if all American import players were allowed to play at the same time, a delegation of players from the European League of Football would stand no chance against a NFL team.

But there is no league on earth that could compete with a team from the NFL. The National Football League has the best possible players, coaches, facilities, and everything else you need to be successful.

However, the European League of Football’s mission is to professionalize American football in Europe. By doing so, it raises the level of play and the quality of its players through professional coaching, training, and surroundings.

So, could a European delegation compete with an NFL team? No. But the league does everything it can to be more professional on and off the field with every year that is played.


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