Leipzig Kings: Young blue-collar team

In Leipzig, people talk about "Immor midd dorr Ruhe" - translating to "take it easy". Under the new co-owner Moritz Heisler, the team is building to have long-term success. The country needs young and hungry players. In the European League of Football, the Leipzig Kings have been less successful so far.

February 21, 2023
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Leipzig Kings: Young blue-collar team
Dominik Behrens has changed teams from Hamburg to Leipzig. © Simon Braun

The Leipzig Kings are going into their third season in the European League of Football. While the first season of the Kings under former head coach Fred Armstrong had above-average success with the chance to reach the playoffs for as long as the last gameday, the second season of the European League of Football brought a 4-8 record with four different starting quarterbacks.

Changes in the coaching staff

For the huge and impressive fanbase a small setback – while traveling across the region. After the 2022 season, the Leipzig Kings and former head coach and Director Football Operations Fred Armstrong parted ways. Offensive coordinator and offensive linecoach John Booker took over, bringing a new identity to the Saxonian city. Booker is known for his work ethic, his structured coaching and constant development. Early pictures of the first Minicamp show an organization that is already bonding and is looking well-structured. Players are speaking positively about the interactions and seem optimistic about 2023.

Blue-collar mentality

One word comes to mind: Blue-collar. A term used in American sports to indicate discipline, work ethic and taking it one game at a time.  A young team with hard workers will suit upfor the Kings in 2023. Players in some cases are seeking a second chance, getting their first appearances in pro football, and fit perfectly to the Kings’ identity. Early in the offseason, it already showed that the Kings want hard workers in recruitment. This is especially attractive for players like Noah Bomba, former Surge and Galaxy, Kélian Mouliom, former Thunder, or Luis Moreno, former Galaxy, all looking for playing time.

Leipzig Kings Minicamp 2023. © Simon Braun

Paired with veterans, the team could look scarier in June than they look now. Players like Dominik Behrens, known for his run blocking ability at tackle, or Joel Coenes at guard, could spark interest in watching offensive Leipzig football. Good for Kings’ fans: Brazilian guard Pollys Sacramento comes back for a second year. The offensive line ranked 5th in pass protection last year and, with some changes, could include a quick passing game and a solid run game.

Quarterback good enough for the European League of Football?

With Kenyatte Allen under center and former Steelers' minicamp participant Steve McShane at runningback, the Leipzig Kings won't have a mismatch like Seantavius Jones at wide receiver. Getting McShane in open space might create more versatility and having young receivers might not be a setback in gameplanning. Questioning whether Kenyatte Allen's record-breaking season in the GFL was just a fluke.

Ferras El Hendi will work as backup quarterback for the Kings. © Simon Braun

Have you seen this yet?

Last season, only Gabriel Cunningham at quarterback was able to turn up in the Leipzig Kings offense. Jordan Barlow, Conor Miller or backup Ferras El Hendi did not have the impact the Kings have wished for. While the roster still lacks depth at this time of the offseason, some defensive cornerstones are already set. With Aslan Zetterberg, AJ Wentland or William James, some of the better import players join the Kings for another season in 2023. It still seems unclear who will be responsible for the defensive side and position groups, but that will be something the Leipzig Kings have still time to address until May 1st.

The departure of Anton Jallai to the Guards, or Felix Lepper to the Thunder, shows that young players find a calm surrounding with potential to reach more. Will it be a hard Conference to be successful? Most definitely. Will they have fun playing football in Leipzig? Most likely.


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