Kings WR Knuettel excited for the All-Star Game

Knuettel: “We are looking forward to show the world that Europe has talent!”

September 29, 2021
Tim Hanswillemenke
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Kings WR Knuettel in week one against the Thunder. ©Mariann Wenzel

The European League of Football All-Star Game is right around the corner. On Sunday at 3:30 p.m. CEST, the players who were voted into the All-Star Team by the fans and coaches will take on the U.S. All-Star Team at Friedrich Jahn Sportpark in Berlin.

One player overly excited to play the American National Football Team: Leipzig Kings wide receiver Timothy Knuettel.

“I’m very excited to be able to play Team USA this coming Sunday! [It] should be a great game and a great matchup on both sides of the ball and we are looking forward to show the world that Europe has talent!”, Knuettel explained to me in our conversation.

When asked about how it feels to be part of the European League of Football All-Star Team, Knuettel touched upon his gratitude of being part of the league in general: “Well, first it’s a great feeling to be part of the first ever European League of Football season. Then, to be recognized as an All-Star in such a top-notch league is phenomenal and this is something all of us All-Star players will cherish forever”. Knuettel will play at the All-Star game with five of his teammates from the Leipzig Kings: Lance Leota, Vincent Buffet, Kyle Kitchens, Roedion Henrique, and Jacob Templar. All these athletes played a key-role in a great comeback at the end of the regular season which almost gave the Kings a chance to participate in the playoffs.

The Friedrich Jahn Sportpark in Berlin is a great location which will be host for a lot of fans at the All-Star Game. Knuettel commented on the game and what the fans can expect from the two teams: “[It will be] a very competitive game between two teams that have a lot of great talent! Win or loss, we want to show that the European League of Football plays at an extremely high level!”.

As far as the preparation for Sunday goes, Knuettel believes that he and his fellow All-Star teammates are well prepared to take on the U.S. National Football Team: “We are all professionals. So, everything is running pretty smoothly. Quarterbacks are getting us the ball, running backs are hitting holes and coaches are doing a great job teaching and putting us in position”.

If you want to be part of the All-Star Game in Berlin and see all your favorite European League of Football players on one field, you still have the chance to visit Ticketmaster and purchase tickets for the last game in 2021.

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