Insights into KINEXON Tracking at the Championship Game in Klagenfurt

It was a novelty in European football: KINEXON Tracking (LPS) provided real statistical highlights last September.

January 19, 2023
European League of Football Communications
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Insights into KINEXON Tracking at the Championship Game in Klagenfurt
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For the first time, an American football game in Europe benefited from live data of the players and could be immediately made available for analysis and TV picture with KINEXON. For this purpose, a radio-based KINEXON tracking network (Local Positioning System, LPS for short) with 24 so-called "anchors" were installed around the playing field of the 28 BLACK ARENA in Klagenfurt and all players were equipped with sensors in their shoulder pads.

Results of the KINEXON tracking.

In this way, it was not only possible to generate data on running paths, speed, distance covered, acceleration and deceleration and more in real time. Live information on the impact of tackles was also generated in this way.

Here you can find an explanation of the system:

Countless data insights have already become indispensable for coaches, players, media and fans in professional sports. American football goes one step further. KINEXON and the European League of Football made this available for the first time: Step inside the TRACKING!

Route chart of Vikings' receiver Kimi Linnainmaa.
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