How Snow White In The Dark rocked Hamburg

She created the anthem for the European League of Football and delivered live: Snow White In The Dark.

June 13, 2022
Chris Hahn
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How Snow White In The Dark rocked Hamburg
Snow White In The Dark in Hamburg. © Michael Freitag

The singer and songwriter presents a mix of 2000s rock and newschool and flashed the crowd not only in Frankfurt but also in Hamburg, while rocking the halftime of the Hamburg Sea Devils and Barcelona Dragons game.

While under contract with the MAMA MUSIC Group label, Snow White In The Dark not only presented the song, but also the official music video.

Watch it here:

Friends and lovers of sounds of the harder kind, will be interested to know about one of the hottest new acts to have emerged on the scene. With a truly impressive and unique emotional quality to her voice, the German-Russian singer SNOW WHITE, presents her own original songs and is already captivating a significant audience from the very beginning of her career, with a very personal and unique sound.

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