Hot Take Friday: Jakeb Sullivan is the best quarterback in the Western Conference

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April 7, 2023
Dominik Krauss
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Hot Take Friday: Jakeb Sullivan is the best quarterback in the Western Conference
Jakeb Sullivan is the best quarterback in the Western Conference. ©Justin Derondeau

The Western Conference is the probably toughest conference in the European League of Football. Four of those teams are serious playoff contenders, which usually have great signal callers. But with Jadrian Clark, Zach Edwards, Jakeb Sullivan, Preston Haire and Daniel Smith, four of the league’s top ten quarterbacks are accommodated in the same conference. With three of them being in my top five, I had a hard time giving the edge to someone. In the end, my decision fell on the guy, that many would rank second: Jakeb Sullivan. And here’s why:

Pocket passer with scrambling ability

Sullivan is your prototypical modern day pocket passer. Operating mostly out of the shotgun, the South Dakota native is keeping his composure in the pocket and is going through his reads calm but quickly with a great feel for pressure. Sullivan rarely makes the wrong decisions and delivers the ball fast and with good touch. Although the former Division II signal caller lacks some arm strength compared to other elite quarterbacks in the league, his accuracy is off the charts. Sullivan has had the highest completion percentage among all quarterbacks over the past two seasons, completing more than 66% of his passes in 2021 and 2022. His clean foot work helps him deliver accurate balls with great placement on all three levels of the field.


When forced to leave the pocket, Frankfurt’s quarterback is able to complete passes on the run accurately and with great ball placement. If no one is open, Sullivan shows flashes of his above average scrambling abilities, evading pressure and rushing for first downs.

Looking at Sullivan’s tape really reminded me how good of a quarterback the 2021 Offensive Player of the Year really is. Being the number two in my quarterback ranking, I can definitely see him playing an amazing season and contending for the Offensive Player of the Year award once again in the upcoming season.


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