Hot Take Friday - This might be the best defense in the league

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January 27, 2023
Dominik Krauss
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Hot Take Friday - This might be the best defense in the league
The Frankfurt Galaxy will be the best defensive unit in the European League of Football. ©Fiona Noever

Defense wins championships. A well-known football philosophy that is proved many times over the years. Especially in the European League of Football. In each season, the two defenses that allowed the least points, made it to the Championship Game. Although there are many impressive defenses around the league right now, like the Hamburg Sea Devils or Stuttgart Surge, one team is standing out of the mix: The Frankfurt Galaxy.

Galaxy head coach Thomas Kösling has been known for his well performing defenses over the years. His Frankfurt Universe defenses in the GFL have been outstanding, and the 2021 Frankfurt Galaxy defense set a league record that still stands to this day by only allowing 10.2 points per game in a season.

Dominant defensive lineup

After investing five of their six European import spots into their defense, this year’s group is looking ready to raise havoc around the league. Getting players like Karlis Brauns, Marc Anthony Hor and Mete Konya back will help to build a good defensive line once again.

But the positions fans and opposing teams should really keep an eye on are the linebacker and defensive back groups. Getting back proven impact players and former All-Stars like Sebastian Silva Gomez, Sebastian Gauthier and Wael Nasri - just to name a few - and adding young talents like Noah Sommer or Daniel Josiah, Kösling’s unit will be effective against the run as well as the pass.

Have you seen this yet?

Last but certainly not least is their defensive back group. With former NFL players in Jamalcolm Liggins and Tony Anderson, Nevada graduate BerDale Robins and plenty of homegrown talents in Joshua Poznanski, Karim Ben El Ghali, Sebastian Brand and more, Frankfurt is boasting the best defensive backfield in the European League of Football.

As I mentioned before, the two best defenses around the league made the Championship Game each season. A good omen for the Galaxy?


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