Hamburg Sea Devils re-sign All-Star safety Kevin Fortes

One of the biggest safeties in the league is back for 2023! The Sea Devils have re-signed Kevin Fortes.

December 14, 2022
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Hamburg Sea Devils re-sign All-Star safety Kevin Fortes
Kevin Fortes is back in blue and red in 2023 for the Sea Devils. ©Jonas Wicker

The Hamburg Sea Devils have re-signed Kevin Fortes for another season. As First Team All-Star and NFL International Combine participant, Fortes is seen as one of the best defensive backs in Europe. Fortes was with the Molosses D'Asnieres until 2019 and with the Potsdam Royals until 2021, before joining the Hamburg Sea Devils last year.

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The 24-year-old Frenchman is quoted optimisticly about the coming year: "I decided to extend with Hamburg because we started something that we haven't finished yet. The whole coaching staff, the defensive vision and professionalism of Coach Kendral and Coach Kenneth made it easy for me to extend! I know that the team has changed but I have trust in the coaches and the overall involvement of all of us!”

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Kendral Ellison, Defensive Coordinator, said in the press release: "NFL IPP Combine, ELF All-Star…tells you what you need to know about Kevin. Even with those accolades he’s remained one of the most humble and hungry players I’ve come across. Possess ideal size, football IQ, and confidence. He’s everything the Brotherhood is about, and it was a nobrainer to get him re-signed!”


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