European League of Football NFTs on the rise

While the NFTs in the NFT Club are rising and being traded, this could be your chance to participate and win.

January 7, 2022
Chris Hahn
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European League of Football NFTs on the rise
The NFT Club is booming!

NFTs are on the rise. The NBA and Chicago Bulls implemented the new system in the US, but the whole internet is talking about the topic and of course the European League of Football has their own since last year. NFT is short for non-fungible token and part of a dedicated blockchain marked with a unique serial-number that guarentees and certifies ownership to its buyers. This means, that you can buy, collect, sell and trade this officially licenced digital collectables like any other physical goods. Pokémon Cards, action figures and others are part of a big movement and passion a lot of people share. The portfolio of the European League of Football offers team-, players- and logo-cards, awesome moments and much more.

While the Genesis Collection is almost sold out and only available until mid of february, the marketplace is booming! The Jakeb Sullivan Award Card traded for 300 $, while sold initially for 25 $. The Hamburg Sea Devils logo meanwhile is available for 110 $ on the marketplace. Incredible increase in value all over the place, while people discover the fun in collecting and trading items of the European Leauge of Football.

And after all, you can even make use on someincredible utility when you complete your collection!

Own the full collection and get access to anexclusive video call.

Choose your favorite item, moment and player and trade, collect or share this with friends or other marketplace members.

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