European League of Football Announces Cooperation With LiveNow

Don't miss the European League of Football finisher with LiveNow!

September 3, 2021
European League of Football
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European League of Football Announces Cooperation With LiveNow
European League of Football and LiveNow are proudly presenting their cooperation!

With LiveNow, the European League of Football finds a great partner to stream all the upcoming games of the European League of Football regular season finisher, as well as Playoffs and Championship game. UK, Italy, France,Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, USA and Latin America will all have the chance to watch all the games. High definition and highest European competetive football for everyone to enjoy!

LiveNow celebrates all things live and is one of the biggest providers when it comes to Live Sports. With LiveNow the European League of Football is profiting of a big crowd via browser or the app. Don’t miss the biggest American Football show of Europe the last years brought up!


LIVENow are leaders within the virtual event and experiences space, giving fans access to live and on-demand content across music, sports, fitness and entertainment. Previous events on LIVENow include EURO 2020, English Premier League, Leeds United Pre-Season, Celeste: On with The Show, live from London, theatre production our little lives: Shakespeare & Me starring Russell Brand, and an all-new four-part series, live from another world, featuring cutting-edge breakthrough bands.


In the European League of Football, Week 12 is about to start with two teams – the Leipzig Kings and Panthers Wrocław – still fighting for a playoff spot. While the Frankfurt Galaxy and Cologne Centurions clinched their place in the playoffs last week in the south, the north still remains uncertain. Having the playoffs at september 11 and 12 in mind, as well as the championship game on september 26, a hot race is kindling.

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