Early highlight in the 2023 season: Hamburg Sea Devils welcome Rhein Fire on June 11 at Volksparkstadion.

CEO Zeljko Karajica: "A milestone for the league!"

February 7, 2023
European League of Football Communications
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Early highlight in the 2023 season: Hamburg Sea Devils welcome Rhein Fire on June 11 at Volksparkstadion.
Hamburg Sea Devils will get their big game in 2023! © Hamburg Sea Devils / HSV

The 2023 season in the European League of Football is experiencing an early highlight: The top clash in the second week of the Western Conference between the Hamburg Sea Devils and the Rhein Fire will be played on June 11th in the 57,000-seat Volksparkstadion.

"Milestone for the league"

The Sea Devils will thus return to their old "living room" for a game: Between 2005 and 2007, they hosted their opponents in the NFL Europe in the HSV arena. "When we founded the European League of Football for the 2021 season, we set ourselves the goal of bringing our product to the biggest and most beautiful stadiums in Europe. We have already succeeded with the Championship Games in Düsseldorf and Klagenfurt. We see it as a milestone for the league, and it fills us with pride to be able to host a game in such an outstanding arena as the Volksparkstadion in the third year of the league's existence. HSV is an incredibly strong partner, and we hope that this joint event with the Sea Devils will become a model for other venues," says Zeljko Karajica, Managing Director of the European League of Football.

Emotional comeback after 16 years

Max Paatz, General Manager of the Hamburg franchise, is pleased that the discussions with the traditional club's management led to a positive conclusion: "We are overjoyed and can hardly wait to play our first home game of the new season and to celebrate a huge party with our fans. This is the fulfillment of a great dream, and we would like to thank those responsible at HSV who are supporting us on all levels. One thing is clear: this will be a day that no one will ever forget."

HSV board member Jonas Boldt: "We are very pleased that our Volksparkstadion will be the venue for the Sea Devils' first home game and for the first season highlight of the European League of Football. I hope that there will be a great atmosphere and a strong signal from the sports city of Hamburg. Considering the Sea Devils’ history in the Volkspark, one could say: Football's coming home!"

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The European League of Football is growing to 17 teams from nine nations in its third season. In addition to Berlin Thunder, Hamburg Sea Devils, Frankfurt Galaxy, Cologne Centurions, Leipzig Kings, Rhein Fire, Stuttgart Surge (all Germany), Vienna Vikings, Raiders Tirol (both Austria), Panthers Wrocław (Poland) and Barcelona Dragons (Spain) new franchises such as Munich Ravens (Germany), Milano Seamen (Italy), Prague Lions (Czech Republic), Helvetic Guards (Switzerland), Fehérvár Enthroners (Hungary) and Paris Saints (France) will compete in the 2023 season.

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