Don't miss out: The kick-off event!

A unique opening ceremony and celebration on May 19, 2023 at the Castello event location in Düsseldorf, where fans can get in touch with the players of the European League of Football, ProSieben &

May 9, 2023
Chris Hahn
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Don't miss out: The kick-off event!

A Kick-Off Event like no other!

Going into the third season of the European League of Football, the league and all officials want to celebrate the game of football even before the season has started.

The opening ceremony will kick-off the event, where ProSieben together with several GMs, Commissioner Patrick Esume and CEO Zeljko Karajica will give an insight into the upcoming seasons and all-important topics & developments around football in Europe. Followed by a Q&A session and Meet & Greets.

Afterwards it’s finally time for the highlight of the evening: The ELF presents its own ELF documentary as a world premiere, covering the first three seasons of the league.

To top it all off, cheerleaders of the Rhein Fire will perform and inspire fans with their breathtaking performance – guiding you into a huge party. From then on, you can celebrate together or prove your skills in football activities until the early morning hours.

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