Championship Game: A Closer Look at the Quarterbacks

Two experienced quarterbacks will battle it out on Sunday!

September 24, 2021
Tim Hanswillemenke
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Sea Devils starting quarterback Jadrian Clark and Galaxy starting quarterback Jakeb Sullivan. ©Michael Freitag/Alex Stoll

The first ever European League of Football Championship Game will mark the third time this season the Sea Devils (7-3) and the Frankfurt Galaxy (9-1) will face off. Sea Devils former Division I quarterback Jadrian Clark, and Galaxy’s former Division II quarterback Jakeb Sullivan will fight for the win on Sunday!

Let’s have a closer look at the quarterback position on each team!

Frankfurt Galaxy (9-1)

2799 Passing Yds | 33 Passing TDs | 10 INTs | 172 Rushing Yds | 7 Rushing TDs

The Galaxy have arguably one of the best quarterbacks in the league. Jakeb Sullivan threw for 2285 yards and 28 touchdowns in just ten games. He completed 66.5 percent of his passes and averaged 228.5 passing yards per game. Despite throwing eight interceptions, he rushed for an additional 153 yards and scored five touchdowns on the ground.

Of course, Sullivan’s stats are also amongst the best in the league because of his sheer number of weapons at wide receiver, running back, and at tight end. On top of that, Sullivan was protected well with two of Galaxy’s offensive lineman being All-Stars and invitees to the NFL International Combine.

Sullivan is not only able to pass, but also dangerous on the ground. The dual-threat quarterback has the ability to extend plays with his feet which could help against a strong Sea Devils pass rush. He rushed for 153 yards and scored five touchdowns on the ground.

On top of Sullivan’s outstanding performance over the course of the 2021 season, Moritz Johannknecht took over the starting job in week twelve of the regular season as Sullivan and other players sat out that contest to rest. In that game alone, Johannknecht amazed with 255 passing yards, four passing touchdowns, and no interceptions thrown. He also ran the ball into the endzone for a fifth score that day. This incredible performance led him to be the “Chio MVP of the Week”.

Overall, Galaxy’s quarterbacks completed 85,8% of their passes to their wide receivers, 9.5% to their running backs, and only 4.7% to their tight ends. Those stats look totally different when we look at the Sea Devils.

At the end, it is safe to say that the Galaxy have a great starting quarterback in Sullivan, but also a quality back-up quarterback in Johannknecht!  


Hamburg Sea Devils (7-3)

1764 Passing Yds | 17 Passing TDs | 11 INTs | 317 Rushing Yds | 2 Rushing TDs  

Overall, the Sea Devils were not as productive at quarterback compared to the Galaxy. Over 1000 passing yards less and just over half of the passing touchdowns, the Sea Devils offense was just not as productive overall as Galaxy's offense.

The target share looks totally different as well since the two Sea Devils’ quarterbacks completed only 51.8% of their passes to wide receivers, 37.2% to their tight ends, and 10.4% to their running backs.

Sea Devils starting quarterback Jadrian Clark threw for 1618 passing yards, 16 touchdowns,and eleven interceptions through ten games. He completed 61.2% of his passes and recorded 226 rushing yards with one score on the ground. Clark’s favorite targets were tight end Botella Moreno and wide receiver Madin-Cerezo who combined for eleven touchdowns.

Clark’s back-up quarterback Salieu Ceesay started one game and completed 50% of his passes as he threw for 134 yards and one touchdown. Ceesay added 91 yards on the ground for another score.

As far as pass protections goes, Clark and Ceesay were sacked 28 times combined in eleven games. This results in an average of 2.5 sacks per game which is slightly more compared to the Galaxy.

If you would like to see the quarterbacks in action at the Championship Game on Sunday, you still have the chance to purchase tickets via Ticketmaster.

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